Translation of identify in Spanish:


identificar, v.

Pronunciation /aɪˈdɛn(t)əˌfaɪ//ʌɪˈdɛntɪfʌɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (person/ship/species) identificar
      (body) identificar
      (body) reconocer
      he was identified as a member of the gang se lo identificó como miembro de la banda
      • The banks on the list will be exempt from identifying each individual client.
      • Quickly identifying the venue, I politely greet the doorman, before signing in the guest book.
      • The defendant was identified as the person who had broken the window and he was arrested.
      • Last week, he finally buried his niece, after a delay in identifying her disfigured body.
      • Pupils will learn how to identify plants and explore the ways that seeds can be dispersed.
      • Under the scheme, face, iris and fingerprint scans will be used to identify people.
      • It is understood the delay lies in formally identifying the remains.
      • By a dozen unquestionable marks he identified the girl he had jested with the day before.
      • He said that at the moment the head of a household filled in a postal registration form identifying all voters in the property.
      • She did not know the name of the person at the bar, but could only identify the person as a male.
      • Scientists now hope research into the gene will enable them to identify people most at risk.
      • If we do decide to seek further clarification, then we will do so without identifying you in any shape or form whatsoever.
      • It also helped in identifying them; learning how they behaved, what they ate and so on.
      • The girl's mother had to listen to the tape to identify the voice of her daughter.
      • The problem is and has always been the difficulty in actually identifying a young person's age.
      • On this occasion we were able to identify a couple of people and made an arrest the next day.
      • The images captured could also be useful in identifying people involved in other crimes.
      • He appealed to the public to help in identifying people in the community who are supplying drugs.
      • We are also working with the other school to identify this person and solve the problem.
      • Social workers used these indicators to identify a local family as satanic abusers.

    • 1.2(ascertain)

      they failed to identify the problem no lograron identificar el problema
      • There will be a prize for the first person to correctly identify my rash statement.
      • Now we are using the workshops to identify young people who can appear in the film.
      • People who properly identify the source of my name rise tremendously in my estimation.
      • The International Labour Organisation identifies the following factors that indicate forced labour.
      • Perhaps one day we will be able to identify a gene that drives people to compulsively kill.
      • Before we can identify any turning points, it is necessary to establish a starting point.
      • He is also quite correct in identifying future water problems in some areas of North America.
      • Census data might be used to identify the number of people who should be in each subgroup.
      • A committee of five children has been elected to help steer the scheme, identifying areas where work is needed.
      • By watching the workings of our own mind we can learn how to identify these delusions.
      • For about two years now, the paper has run a column identifying its own errors and shortcomings.
      • Police are also examining his personal relationships to identify any reason for a grudge.
      • Piaget is known for identifying the stages children go through as they mature.
      • They work closely with health professionals, identifying people who would benefit.
      • Because of the problems in identifying the infection early, the disease spread.
      • By identifying the faulty cameras, we lay ourselves open to the accusation of encouraging criminality.
      • Sensitivity refers to how good a test is at correctly identifying people who have the disease.
      • Investigators were yesterday beginning the painstaking task of identifying the cause of the disaster.
      • Quinnie passed the hours by identifying the countries that have won even fewer medals than us.
      • He is identifying questions he raised about the use of psychology in an article of his.

  • 2

    (associate, equate)
    • Grog-tempered pottery associated with the burials recovered from the site identify the occupation with the Miller Three complex, A.D.600-1000.
    • They did not regard big US brands as identifying them with America itself.
    • In political associations, the object of each man, is to identify his creed with that of his neighbor.
    • Similarly Barthes identifies the ageless photograph with mourning, and de Man in a quotation above associates particularity with both random energy and ‘the power of death.’
    • It has become comfortable to identify the term SAN with FC communications, but this has historically caused problems… and the problems are coming to roost.
    • Demand for fundamental political reform became an established fact, and this demand was identified with support for the peace process.
    • It has bitterly disappointed working class voters and its core supporters, who identified it with significant social reforms 20 years ago.
    • There is also a strong tendency to identify the court with absolute rule.
    • Leah, as feminist, takes issue with Hebrew as the language of ‘our fathers’ and closely identifies it with the father who rejected her.
    • The US government has identified their military power with US corporate power so closely that a major American defeat would weaken every general, senior manager and privatiser on the globe.
    • They are commodities that, in their mere visible presence veil the production process, and - like mood pictures - encourage their beholders to identify them with subjective fantasies and dreams.
    • That was the first step, to make that proposal to them, identify a face with the name, understand the terms of the deal, etc.
    • Someone who can be a strong advocate for the church which our school is identified with.
    • Perhaps the need was to identify trailblazers with the creatures and natives always associated with trail; westering families would enter the country already with indigenous credentials.
    • People closely identified the war with western corporate greed.
    • Blacks don't identify the right with lower taxes or a strong national defense.
    • Neither of those titans, however, are as indelibly linked to a single work the way Fitzgerald is identified with Gatsby; none of their works is a set text on as many high school or college courses.
    • When physicists write or say ‘as Newton/Einstein/Bohr/Feynman once said…’, it immediately gives them authority by closely identifying them with one of the giants of physics - or so they think.
    • Berlin seems to have believed in such a faculty, and identified it with empathy, but did not develop this view in his writings.
    • An example of the last condition is the case of the mother who strongly identifies her son with a past abusive partner, ex-husband or other male figure.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    (reveal identity)
    to identify oneself identificarse
  • 2

    to identify oneself with sth/sb asociarse con algo/algn

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to identify with sb/sth identificarse con algn/algo
    • the heroine must be someone our readers can identify with la heroína debe ser una persona con la que nuestras lectoras se puedan identificar