Translation of ideogram in Spanish:


ideograma, n.


Pronunciation /ˈaɪdiəˌɡræm//ˈɪdɪə(ʊ)ɡram//ˈʌɪdɪə(ʊ)ɡram//ˈɪdiəˌɡræm/


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    ideograma masculine
    • Perhaps there is a sound that goes with the symbol, as with Chinese ideograms; maybe there are multiple sounds also with Chinese ideograms as they are rendered orally in diverse dialects.
    • While it is possible that the Egyptians borrowed the idea for ideograms and phonograms from the Sumerians, many experts think that would be very unlikely.
    • With tens of thousands of Japanese characters - or kanji, based on Chinese ideograms - to choose from, the possibilities would seem limitless.
    • Early written characters were based on pictograms and ideograms; it is commonly believed that pictograms appeared before ideograms.
    • Mankind is coming back a full circle - from ideograms through alphabet to ideograms.