Translation of idiosyncrasy in Spanish:


idiosincrasia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪdɪə(ʊ)ˈsɪŋkrəsi//ˌɪdiəˈsɪŋkrəsi/

nounPlural idiosyncrasies

  • 1

    idiosincrasia feminine
    he has his little idiosyncrasies tiene sus pequeñas manías / rarezas
    • There may be no manager in baseball that does more to exploit the individual idiosyncrasies of his players in order to motivate his team and build clubhouse chemistry.
    • People from every nation have their particular idiosyncrasies and St Lucians are no exception.
    • Although it may just be an act, over the past forty years Woody Allen has developed a dramatic persona whose behavioral tropes and idiosyncrasies are as recognizable as those of a close personal friend.
    • Each character bubbles with traits, ticks and idiosyncrasies.
    • And, of course, every person who engages in these behaviors has their own unique idiosyncrasies of personality and behavior and history that contribute to why they did it.
    • This is as close as possible to a guarantee against party political abuse, and it minimises the impact of individual idiosyncrasies.
    • Their failure to satisfy a zealous and unsympathetic referee contributed to their downfall, whereas the home team's humouring of his idiosyncrasies meant that we only conceded two penalties before half time.
    • If I see a telling idiosyncrasy in his behavior, such as taking an extra waggle, clearing his throat or displaying trembling hands when he's teeing his ball, something is going on.
    • One footballer is seen as much like another, their idiosyncrasies, their individual character submerged beneath the mass marketing tools.
    • Try mocking your hang-ups and idiosyncrasies.
    • Your loved one's idiosyncrasies or imperfect traits become endearing reminders of their realness, humanness.
    • Having grown up together, they were all more or less used to each other's idiosyncrasies and fighting always made the day more interesting.
    • On the rest of the album, the songs adhere far more closely to the folky singer-songwriter standard, though always with Chasny's idiosyncrasies intact.
    • Alma's sketches are described as spare accurate lines, perfectly capturing personalities through mannerisms and idiosyncrasies.
    • Specific scenarios peculiar to her class, and the idiosyncrasies and traits of her students were referred to, thinly veiled.
    • Because, despite all of the wallowing and hating I do, despite all my idiosyncrasies and neurotic behavior, my husband loves me.
    • He is proof that autism is a spectrum disorder of huge diversity and that the individual idiosyncrasies of each child reveal the utter uselessness of the label.
    • When I tease Almond about saying in his autobiography that physical beauty was not about perfection, but lies in each individual's idiosyncrasies, and then later having cosmetic surgery on his nose, he laughs.
    • Any event like a wedding always has the little idiosyncrasies associated with family.
    • On Purim, we wear costumes and perform skits - mocking our hang-ups, idiosyncrasies, and worries.