Translation of ignite in Spanish:


prenderle fuego a, v.

Pronunciation: /ɪɡˈnaɪt//ɪɡˈnʌɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    prenderle fuego a
    inflamar formal
    • He would be the spark which would ignite their oppressed fury.
    • What does it tell us about our political culture that it has taken an act of physical violence to ignite public interest in this election campaign?
    • The spark that ignited communal passions in the State was the burning of some compartments in a train that carried activists of the saffron camp.
    • As the former England manager surveyed the debris by which he was surrounded, he knew that a spark was required to ignite the passion for which they were renowned in the north-east.
    • That gesture contained plenty of fuel for those who want to hate the United States, and also enough spark to ignite new hatreds, no doubt.
    • The magazine's story at most provided an incidental spark that ignited the explosive outrage against US policies and practices that exists throughout the region.
    • And for a team like the Calgary Flames, which has missed the playoffs for five straight seasons, you need a pretty big spark to ignite playoff hopes.
    • If the views here don't ignite your passion, might we suggest bass fishing?
    • She took me around the world when I was very young and ignited that fire in me.
    • They complement each other perfectly, but neither failed to ignite in me anything more than the recognition that the vibe had suddenly changed.
    • Their minds were like kindling, I reflected; all they needed was a spark to ignite a love of learning that would lift them above the drugs, violence, and poverty.
    • These critics have rightly emphasized Tourgee's influence on Chesnutt's career as a writer, as one of the sparks which ignited his literary aspirations.
    • Set with beautiful stonework on the outside, designed to ignite the aesthetic emotions of hip-seeking purists, the city is falling apart, but no one will ever know.
    • This is the source of the play's farcical energy, the spark that ignites its passion and its black comedy.
    • The listing of this bird as endangered ignited emotions across the southwest.
    • Let's hope that these sparks will ignite the anger of workers.
    • When that rate of monetary ease got above the 6% level, animal emotions were ignited in the equity markets.
    • That achievement, however tentative and imperfect, would ignite mounting aspirations for democratization from Iran to Morocco.
    • The rebellion in him was ignited when at the instigation of a money lender, his father was murdered.
    • This was the spark that ignited the discontent aroused by the eradication of coca fields, following Washington's guidelines.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    prenderse fuego
    inflamarse formal