Translation of ignominious in Spanish:


ignominioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪɡnəˈmɪniəs//ˌɪɡnəˈmɪnɪəs/



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    ignominioso formal
    • An early intervention by elements of the US 24th Division resulted in an ignominious defeat.
    • While Scotland will be nervous of repeating their previous ignominious performance, at least Vogts' men will have their supporters behind them.
    • This joke has an ignominious history in my own life.
    • U.S. forces completed an ignominious withdrawal from bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
    • This tradition was unduly neglected for decades, especially after what was seen as its ignominious defeat in the later Imperial period.
    • Such is the suffering, ignoble and ignominious, it inflicts on the viewers.
    • At what point do we take that ignominious, shabby route down from the moral high ground to defend a Labour government?
    • Moreover, he ‘leads’ the team from ignominious to defeat to ignominious defeat.
    • After Germany's ignominious defeat in World War I, Hitler made Germans feel good for ten years, anyway.
    • At one stage the European No 1 was in the ignominious position of propping up the field in 60th place, but his rally at the end restored some dignity.
    • However it has not been plain sailing for the American since his arrival at Meadowbank last month in wake of the Scots' ignominious start to the BBL season.
    • To rub salt in the wound Germany then took second place in the section with a similar margin of victory as they capped possibly the most ignominious week in the history of English sport.
    • But once developed and utilized, it is a tool that can make the difference between glorious victory, and ignominious defeat.
    • Impressively, in a short time you succeeded where Soviet peace efforts struggled for ten years before giving up in ignominious failure.
    • The prospect of ignominious home defeat loomed ever larger with the passing minutes, until those dramatic closing stages turned the tide.
    • The recent ignominious defeat for John McEnroe's much touted Davis Cup team underlined the problem.
    • Why then has the Nice treaty ratification ended in such ignominious defeat?
    • Books, in fact, provide some of the best examples of this ignominious protectionist tendency in Irish history, North and South.
    • Council sporting officials thought children could be psychologically damaged by the trauma of an ignominious drubbing at the hands of more gifted players.
    • Ulysses is a terrible novel and deserves to die an ignominious death.