Translation of ignore in Spanish:


desoír, v.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈnɔr//ɪɡˈnɔː/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (not take notice of)
    (warning/plea) desoír
    (plea/warning) hacer caso omiso de
    he chose to ignore the remark prefirió ignorar / pasar por alto el comentario
    • we can't ignore the fact that … no podemos dejar de tener en cuenta el hecho de que …
    • Catherine Street were largely ignoring shoplifting and simply passing its cost on to their customers.
    • In fact most of the analysis and policy discussion on the environment ignores the question of gender inequalities.
    • To wind up in court, employers must have blatantly ignored the warnings issued by labour inspectors.
    • This is another example of a failed initiative that ignores the core questions.
    • To accuse France and Germany of ignoring the rules is simply to repeat a slanderous allegation often put forward as fact.
    • She deliberately ignores the conversation and refuses to listen to the audible words.
    • Ideologues of left and right have tended to acknowledge one and ignore the other.
    • He considered ignoring his mother's cry but when his father and sisters joined in, he looked back to see what they had to say.
    • She flipped her mobile shut, walked past us and down the corridor, intentionally ignoring Alice and Tony.
    • Much of that ignorance is wilful, when facts are ignored and minds closed to reality.
    • For another, it entirely ignores the question of how many people who voted Tory last time are going Lib Dem this time.
    • Back again to last summer and Varga was being ignored by his national team, Slovakia.
    • We won't agree with it, and it is not a question of ignoring it, and a dialogue should be carried on.
    • However, the debate over proper procedure ignores the most obvious question.
    • It ignores the fundamental economic question of whether patents for computer software promote innovation.
    • The travellers have been issued with a court summons after they ignored an earlier removal notice.
    • I picked up the flower and walked out of the room, ignoring the intent stares on me.
    • This ignores a major principle of tests like these - eliminating bias.
    • A further factor which calls the current figures into question is ignoring students who study abroad.
    • At the same time, ignoring political questions means actually weakening our ability to fight on economic issues.
    • The Bosnian government was accused of disregarding local legislation and ignoring human rights.
    • All of this is true so far as it goes, but it ignores the one big question: Who is going to pay for all of this?
    • He failed to consider or ignored some important aspects of my evidence.
    • Sadly, despite complaints, Tesco takes no notice and continues to ignore the public.
    • He ignores the weather, intent on arriving at his second destination.
    • Allardyce is not ignoring the European question, just taking care not to tempt fate with careless talk.
    • They may choose to terminate friendships if they perceive that a partner refuses to share or ignores their feelings.
    • Jack completely ignored what she had just asked and continued without letting her finish.
    • None ignores the crucial question of how their institution is likely to be changed by enlargement.
    • Essex motorists are widely ignoring new rules banning the use of hand held mobiles in cars, figures released by police reveal.
    • In spite of much literature that ignores the question, it cannot be infinite.
    • I was speaking so softly, especially as they had all been ignoring me so intently before.
    • He had wilfully ignored notices posted on the train arguing that the by-laws were invalid.
    • She has been sulking since she climbed out of the bed, ignoring me and refusing to answer my questions.
    • He then breezed past the fans on his way to the clubhouse, ignoring the pleas for acknowledgment from behind the ropes.
    • You totally ignored his pleas you should stop, leaving him to bleed to death.
    • My boyfriend is not too keen on them, but the Professor just shrugs and ignores him.
    • Unbelievably, all this heroism was virtually ignored by the press and Hollywood.
    • The Scots were able to ignore these failings in brushing aside the feeblest of Welsh challenges a fortnight ago.
    • It is inequitable because it ignores the question of how many people have to be supported from any one individual's earnings.
  • 2

    (person) ignorar
    she's been ignoring me all evening me ha estado ignorando toda la noche
    • he keeps teasing me — just ignore him no para de molestarme — no le hagas caso / haz como si no lo oyeras