Translation of ilk in Spanish:


tipo, n.

Pronunciation /ɪlk//ɪlk/


  • 1

    (type, sort)
    tipo masculine
    clase feminine
    people of that ilk la gente de esa calaña / ralea derogatory
    • The drive to increase access to universities fits in with New Labour pronouncements on social inclusion and the ilk.
    • I suspect my old school chums, those who were of the right ilk, went down this path and have continued.
    • The one thing lacking on first inspection is a goal machine in the ilk of Kevin Phillips.
    • But so it was until it was won by vibrant and brave men of the ilk of Sir George.
    • The Book Store takes any kind of books in trade, and will give you store credit for books of the same ilk.
    • I expect almost all other Boers in the South African cricket side to be of a similar ilk.
    • Our reply to this reader and other critics of the same ilk is that they seem to have ignored our initial argument.
    • All my friends and acquaintances throughout my life have been of the same ilk.
    • His latest venture is of a different ilk, reliant as it is on appealing to the wider community in North Carolina.
    • Their music has a certain chill of winter to it that most bands of a similar ilk don't possess.
    • As a former footballer myself, I know that they are of the simplest ilk.
    • Yet rather than opting for safe tracks of the same ilk, Doves have chosen to expand their sound.
    • You would hardly say that the Greens are monarchists or from the conservative ilk.
    • I grieve for both that they have had to, and still must, live amongst the ilk known as the British.
    • Don't expect players of the ilk of Zidane and Hagi to continue holding court in the knock-out stages though.
    • It is something more of the sort of ilk we would expect in terms of a Government bill regulating a profession.
    • The sorts of excuses we are seeing from George and his ilk are truly disgusting.
    • After a few minutes one song tends to blend into the other and indeed many other bands of the ilk.
    • We came to the conclusion that comic fans of a certain ilk become acutely aware of Betty.
    • He proves he is in the same ilk as other great soul singers like Barry White and Marvin Gaye.
  • 2Scottish

    Macleod of that ilk Macleod, del lugar homónimo