Translation of ill-equipped in Spanish:


mal equipado, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪlɪˈkwɪpt//ˌɪləˈkwɪpt/


  • 1

    (troops/classroom) mal equipado
    they were ill-equipped to face the Arctic winter estaban mal equipados para enfrentar el invierno ártico
    • their education left them ill-equipped for life la educación que recibieron no los preparó para la vida
    • Too many bristles, and the skeleton isn't strong enough; too much exoskeleton and the fly is ill-equipped to sense its environment.
    • Paraguay, one of South America's poorest countries, has a health service ill-equipped for disasters on this scale.
    • But he added that many of these riders were often ill-equipped, both in terms of experience and in protective clothing other than a crash helmet.
    • You'll laugh at Beethoven's foibles and you'll find it hard to suppress a tear as his friends do all they can to shield him from the world he was ill-equipped to be part of.
    • When workmen eventually appeared at 11 am, Mr Jenkins says they were ill-equipped to clean the garden.
    • They are ill-equipped for the task and the reporting process is painfully slow.
    • What concerns counsellors and women's groups is that hairdressers may be ill-equipped to handle the issues they uncover.
    • So-called Spanish allies pulled out and left the ill-equipped British to virtually go it alone in the harsh winter.
    • Those who do not have the benefit of having studied medicine at university are ill-equipped to diagnose themselves.
    • He is a man apparently without qualities or talent; a man like so many other men marooned in the past, ill-equipped and uneducated for change.
    • Even members of the forum admitted to the Sunday Herald this week that they were woefully ill-equipped for the task.
    • Their little mouths flail about searching for nourishment, and their mothers are often ill-equipped to help them.
    • Babies bring with them financial and social responsibilities for which many new parents are ill-equipped.
    • One reason may be that they don't understand them, and that many small businesses are ill-equipped to handle specialist areas of finance.
    • The discussion of this point must necessarily take place in rigorous scientific language, and I am ill-equipped for the task.
    • The forest division is ill-equipped to tackle the plundering of forest resources or protect the rights of the tribals.
    • It showed how ill-equipped the government was to deal with such an event as people in the story struggled to survive the chaos.
    • The early settlers were heroes for going out West, ill-equipped and unprepared.
    • When disaster happens in a surgery, the staff are ill-equipped in every way to deal with a situation where brain death is four minutes away.
    • These have long since disappeared, and the new generation of poorly educated Muslims is ill-equipped for the modern economy, the report says.