Translation of ill-treat in Spanish:


maltratar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɪl ˈˌtrit//ˌɪlˈtriːt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • There was a shortage and she was hired, but the owner of the preschool who sponsored her knew her problems and underpaid and ill-treated her.
    • They ill-treat us but we work for a company directly linked to the government.
    • Lakha admitted cruelly ill-treating the goats and slaughtering without a licence.
    • Later I found out about her son; mentally challenged like his mother, lives with some distant relatives who ill-treat him.
    • The man who doesn't take tea, ill-treats the cat, takes snuff and stands with his back to the fire, is a brute whom I would not advise you to marry on any consideration.
    • She was ill-treated there so she persuaded her husband to shift back to her parental village and set up home there.
    • He spends her fortune and ill-treats her and her son, showing affection only to his old mother and his own son Bryan, whom he indulges until the boy is killed in a riding accident.
    • Interrogators would allegedly take turns ill-treating him.
    • Having lost her husband at a young age she had to earn her living as a housemaid where she was ill-treated and sexually harassed by the house owner.
    • He had a great respect and fondness for animals and could not understand how anyone could ill-treat them.
    • He was ill-treated - nearly murdered - by his brothers.
    • The case was highlighted as a shocking report called Handle with Care was published, revealing increasing numbers of exotic pets being ill-treated.
    • I also accept that during his detention, he was ill-treated; I have regard in this respect to the Medical Foundation Report.
    • She is ill-treated as others believe in a superstition that Bayen's presence may bring bad luck to their children.
    • I do not want to stay with my in-laws as they ill-treat me.
    • Singh said yesterday that he was not ill-treated by the kidnappers, and was given a bag of Crix, bread, water and a two-litre bottle of Tampico juice.
    • If you choose to ill-treat someone, you should be prepared to be ill-treated.
    • I believe that the appellant's evidence was credible and I believe that he was ill-treated to the extent he explained.
    • The following year he was sent to school in Prague, where he was ill-treated; he was fetched home in 1872.
    • The Swede may believe he was ill-treated in being dropped following his recent howler against Lyon.