Translation of ill treatment in Spanish:

ill treatment

malos tratos, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪl ˈtriːtmənt///


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    malos tratos masculine
    maltrato masculine
    the article describes the ill treatment of refugees el artículo describe los malos tratos / el maltrato de que son víctimas los refugiados
    • to suffer ill treatment ser víctima de / recibir malos tratos
    • These bodies should maintain and publish uniform and comprehensive statistics on complaints of torture and ill-treatment by law enforcement personnel.
    • In the past accusations were made by workers that management's neglect has led to the ill-treatment of animals and poor water facilities and accommodation for the animals.
    • But it does not add up to deliberate ill-treatment or abuse such as would expose either of the children to a grave risk of physical or even psychological harm.
    • Although not all cases involve ill-treatment, research shows neglected children can be scarred emotionally and socially in the long-term.
    • They have warned that failed asylum seekers are in danger of ill-treatment and abuse on their return - because they claimed asylum in Britain.