Translation of illegal in Spanish:


ilegal, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈliːɡ(ə)l//ɪ(l)ˈliɡəl/


  • 1

    (act/entry/import) ilegal
    I've done nothing illegal no he hecho nada ilegal / nada (que esté) prohibido
    • illegal immigrant or (US also) alien inmigrante ilegal
    • illegal substance sustancia prohibida / ilegal
    • to make sth illegal prohibir algo
    • The report also raises concerns over the efforts to tackle illegal drug use in prison.
    • Anyone found with illegal substances in their bloodstream will face prosecution.
    • So it was cruel of York police to choose this week to announce a major crackdown on illegal driving.
    • The line between vigorous price competition and illegal predation may be a fine one.
    • We offer advice on the procedures to get court orders to remove illegal encampments.
    • I have also seen loads of illegal dumping and it's vandalism of a natural amenity.
    • Many illegal drugs have to be imported into this country from different parts of the world.
    • The use of this illegal extension currently involves a form of religious gathering.
    • Swindon Council has had to take action against illegal camps in the town in the past.
    • He was sentenced to four years for illegal possession of the firearm with intent to endanger life.
    • He thinks it will be difficult to prove it is his voice on the bootleg, illegal version.
    • No Court will lend its aid to a man who founds his cause of action upon an immoral or an illegal act.
    • Further the use of cluster bombs as indiscriminate weapons is also illegal it is contended.
    • Taking any other type of drug is also an illegal activity so surely one can lead to the other.
    • They need to be believe that illegal activity is going on in premises before searching them.
    • If it cannot protect them from drugs then it should protect them from illegal drugs and gangsters.
    • English law makes illegal a contract to indemnify a person in respect of liability for fraud.
    • It is one of the biggest cases of Internet piracy and illegal copying ever discovered.
    • When we looked into it a number of computers were generating lots of illegal traffic.
    • He was charged with possession of illegal substances and a public order offence.
  • 2US

    illegal procedure jugada antirreglamentaria feminine