Translation of illegitimate in Spanish:


ilegítimo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪləˈdʒɪdəmət//ˌɪlɪˈdʒɪtɪmət/


  • 1

    (child) ilegítimo
    • Does this imply Darrell winds up in prison after fathering an illegitimate child while the other son is gay?
    • Manapat said Poe was born as the illegitimate child of an already married Spanish father and an American mother, and thus should have acquired the citizenship of his mother under Philippine law.
    • Between 1949 and 1956, approximately 2,700 so-called illegitimate children were born there.
    • As indicated above, another of the major problems for illegitimate children was the feeling that they were never secure members of their families.
    • An illegitimate child was literally parentless at law, and even the subsequent marriage of the parents could not legitimize their offspring.
    • The illegitimate child of this union is the occasion for the legacy.
    • When you mention that, illegitimate children, that is one of the things which in a generation, twenty years or so, attitudes have changed wholesale.
    • Again, he vows to do penance by marrying Elizabeth and accepting her illegitimate son.
    • Thousands of illegitimate children were denied adoption because the church could not countenance the thought that ‘the legal parent might be alive’.
    • Outside his marriage, he had four illegitimate children (with one disputed), which may sound on the high side, but that was not unusual.
    • There was no such thing as an illegitimate child, a mother had simply to ‘name’ the child and if it was a son he could inherit part of its father's property.
    • There are illegitimate children over the years, accusations of collusion with Nazis, shadowy tales of unrequited longing and profound unfairness.
    • The main need for adoption arises in connection with orphans and illegitimate children.
    • He writes that his first experience of the police came through his unruly boyhood and that he is the father of an illegitimate child, born while he was a military police officer in South Korea.
    • It's all lifestyle and marriages and illegitimate children and tears before bedtime.
    • She was the illegitimate child of a slave called Brotessa whose master - a pagan called Dubtach - was Brigid's father.
    • The family nanny bore Peter's illegitimate child.
    • There are no stipulations for issues like illegitimate children, or the now rampant cases of domestic violence.
    • I have looked at it and I have seen a bigger rise in Ireland, where there is no gay marriage and illegitimate children.
    • The fundamentalists might inflict the harshest possible punishment on her for having borne an illegitimate child, that too by an Indian.
  • 2formal

    (act/claim) ilegítimo
    • Even a political leader herself can with good reason believe that her political power is illegitimate, and that exercising this power is unjustified.
    • It also demonstrates the fragility of the dividing line between the legitimate and illegitimate grant of exclusive rights.
    • Even if he is right as a matter of political theory, he will not be an effective lawyer if he treats the law as wholly illegitimate.
    • We can challenge illegitimate corporate authority.
    • Denying one group their rightful possession of property, acquired according to these rules, was the illegitimate exercise of government powers and was unjust.
    • Isn't privacy analysis based on substantive due process an example of illegitimate, activist judicial review?
    • It is for this reason that the one-person-one-vote decision, while appealing in democratic terms, seems to me a form of illegitimate judicial activism.
    • China is ruled by an illegitimate communist oligarchy which wants to develop the country commercially while maintaining political control.
    • Moreover, as Lord Scarman recognised, pressure which appears legitimate might be illegitimate if applied for the wrong motives.
    • Given all the pre-action correspondence and the obviously illegitimate attempt to get Legal Aid that cannot have been an accident.
    • In the long run, I think many people will shy away from becoming collectors in an outlawed or illegitimate area.
    • It enforces an illegitimate system of unfair rules and operates with undemocratic procedures.
    • False account names, the use of financial intermediaries, and commingling of funds for legitimate and illegitimate purposes are the rule.
    • It will be unusual for a bank itself to have exercised undue influence, acted unconscionably, or exerted illegitimate pressure.
    • There's simply no reason for not doing the ‘right’ thing in regards to correcting for our unlawful and illegitimate invasion.
    • Sexual harassment in the workplace is an illegitimate exercise of power.
    • It aims to block domestic usurpers or foreign aggressors from establishing illegitimate rule over the attacked society.
    • However when our dissent becomes a meaningful challenge to their illegitimate privilege and authority, then they will begin to criminalize us.
    • In any event, the exclusion of them from the balancing exercise is likewise illegitimate.
    • Under this exception, the bare desire to harm an unpopular group is an illegitimate basis for legislation.
  • 3formal

    (contrary to logic)