Translation of illicit in Spanish:


ilícito, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪ(l)ˈlɪsɪt//ɪˈlɪsɪt/


  • 1

    (deal/trading) ilícito
    • Hence it is brought to one of 60 illicit processing laboratories dotted around the Khyber Pass.
    • Drugs are illegal and illicit because they do incredible harm and no good whatsoever.
    • Russian investigators in pursuit of illicit transfers were not always helped by foreign officialdom.
    • Pubs, clubs and people's homes were still the most common places for bootleggers to sell illicit goods.
    • Under the legislation, the object of confiscation is not punishment but the forfeiture of an illicit profit.
    • Currently the sources for acquiring cannabis and hard drugs are one and the same - the illicit drug dealer.
    • Politically, the most important criminal industries are illicit trading in arms and in drugs.
    • I mean it is designed to dissuade young people from starting with illicit drugs.
    • There is a history of illicit drug use while in hospital which had some associations with the symptoms of his illness.
    • Every now and then, supply vehicles are sent out to get food, medicine and illicit black market goods.
    • The city of Taurio is a place of drugs, illicit liquor and vice of all kinds.
    • Recent authority for illicit conduct of this nature dictates penitentiary time.
    • Copy protection, especially to prevent overseas piracy for illicit sale, is an important issue.
    • They will put an end to the illicit drug trade, and quash the insurgency and end violence in Colombia.
    • The judge replied that Campbell's therapy was to keep her off illicit drugs.
    • This in turn seems to have been associated with the rise of a large illicit distilling industry in the north and west of Ireland.
    • If you make it legal and normal, most of them would move onto something else illegal and illicit.
    • He also admitted to having been in possession of illicit drugs and related utensils.
    • The villagers pledged to keep away from liquor and also shun illicit distillers from their area.
    • Nor are these the only incidents in which police have been said to be actively involved in an illicit trade.
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    (frowned upon)
    (love affair/relationship) ilícito