Translation of illuminate in Spanish:


iluminar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪˈluməˌneɪt//ɪˈl(j)uːmɪneɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (roadsign/street/room) iluminar
    • A flash of light briefly illuminated the hallway, pouring through the broken window and burning their eyes.
    • A golden light was shining down illuminating Isabelle's face.
    • Overheard the sun shone brightly, illuminating the garden with a brilliant ray of light.
    • He said oversized and illuminated signs were not appropriate in the area.
    • The lightning flashes illuminated the pastor's face.
    • The heads will face one another topped with a helmet and lamp from which beams of light will illuminate the carriageways.
    • Seems its only presence to the passing motorist is a narrow entrance road and a sign which wasn't illuminated.
    • At the moment, in the third window down, a light shone brightly, illuminating a small patch of the garden below.
    • Then a storm begins, and the flashes of lightning briefly and beautifully illuminate a tree waving in the wind outside the window.
    • Kentis elects not to use artificial lighting, so the only time we see the characters is when a flash of lightning illuminates them and the sharks that are circling them.
    • Lightning flashed, illuminating the dark hollow face of a single man.
    • The next town was Boyes, just 29 km down the road and as we rode towards it we saw flashes of lightning illuminate the horizon.
    • The sun's morning light shone softly, illuminating her blue eyes.
    • Great flashes of light illuminated the whole area, punctuated by the rumbling of thunder clouds.
    • At the top of the last little bump, they could see the shoulder-high summit sign illuminated by the first light of day.
    • When the lights flashed it illuminated the sky and the whole area.
    • A great flash of lightning illuminated the world outside, showing the trees dark against the night sky.
    • All movement was eradicated as a brilliant flash of blue-orange light illuminated their horrified faces.
    • A green fluorescent light illuminates a wall work that quotes the iconic graphic equaliser readout in homage to Donald Judd.
    • That day, it was the interior's turn to be brilliantly illuminated - by fluorescent lights carried up to the rafters by remote-controlled helium balloons.
  • 2

    (manuscript) iluminar
    (manuscript) miniar
    illuminated initial letra historiada / miniada feminine
    • He is a fine late Romanesque painter open to more modern influences, particularly those emanating from Byzantium, perhaps via Franciscan illuminated manuscripts.
    • Two different worlds present themselves to the scholar of Hebrew illuminated manuscripts from Spain.
    • Thus, the museum began to acquire European sculpture and old master drawings and purchased an important collection of medieval and renaissance illuminated manuscripts.
    • Large illuminated letters became popular with the advent of hand-written manuscripts and official documents.
    • Yet a current show there, on one of the grandest of all illuminated manuscripts, does both.
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    • 3.1

      (difficulties/issue/problem) esclarecer
      (problem/difficulties/issue) dilucidar
      • The two books provide detailed but clear legislative history while illuminating the changing political process and values of the postwar West.
      • Questions were asked about black box, flight paths, crashes, missile technology, etc., and the answers were illuminating.
      • Stark's discussion is lively, pointed and frequently illuminating.
      • All of these essays are clear, well documented, and illuminating.
      • The commentary is particularly illuminating.
      • Arf contributed to the education of many of the present day mathematicians in Turkey, not only by his lectures but also through illuminating discussions in conferences and seminars.
      • Cross-cultural research can help illuminate and clarify the social and developmental differences that exist across various cultures.
      • He does so clearly, often illuminating the topic with discussion of classical texts.
      • Fellow blogger and super-cute Darian had some very funny, illuminating and revealing stories about the film he was currently working on.
      • The text ends on page 710, the rest consisting of notes and index, and while the notes are sharp and illuminating, some of them amount to mini-essays.
      • There is even the promise of positive theory, exemplified in a brief but illuminating discussion of Likert's notions of effective hierarchies.
      • Their results were paradoxical and their discussion illuminating.
      • The editors emphasize making tacit knowledge itself explicit, rather than illuminating the process of creating and using valuable tacit knowledge.
      • Like the rescue workers there, one waded in trying to find something that was alive, that would illuminate and explain what had happened.
      • Even here, in the first chapter, the reader is treated to probing analysis and illuminating discussion.
      • That last incident is particularly illuminating.
      • The discussion is often illuminating: for example, the discussion of the divine king, or of the marginalization of royal women in Benin.
      • I would like to thank him for illuminating discussions and for sending a manuscript prior to publication.
      • Of this central Lockean teaching and Zuckert's meticulous and illuminating discussions of it, we hear not one word from Prof. Mitchell.
      • Though MacDonald's discussion of this topic is interesting and illuminating, it left me unconvinced.

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