Translation of imaginative in Spanish:


imaginativo, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈmadʒɪnətɪv//ɪˈmædʒ(ə)nədɪv/


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    (person/solution) imaginativo
    she's very imaginative tiene mucha imaginación
    • Often his escape is imaginative, inspired by the music he hears on the radio.
    • This major celebration of cinematic creativity old and new has a host of imaginative programmes.
    • One county councillor believes a more imaginative approach could be used.
    • It did not work for a variety of reasons, but the appointment was imaginative and innovative.
    • In too few places are the arts being integrated in imaginative and inventive ways.
    • It was a glimpse into his imaginative world and some of the sources of his creativity.
    • Her vision and her imaginative designs had created its appeal and there was no obvious successor.
    • Scott's really imaginative and creative and has a definite vision of what he wants his business to be.
    • When it comes to getting imaginative in the kitchen, sushi is about as creative as they come.
    • For this shaping one must draw on imaginative insight into the motivation of the dramatis personae.
    • It doesn't look likely, and it doesn't take a great imaginative effort to see a double game being played.
    • The choreography is stilted and clumsy and could have been a great deal more imaginative.
    • The proposal to create a new university is a bold and imaginative step.
    • Has Oxford provoked one of the most imaginative outbursts in music today?
    • That creative streak shows itself in some imaginative use of fashion and colour mixes.
    • Can we have more imaginative and creative solutions to this problem rather than moans and groans?
    • Dry statistics are seen as destroying both the imaginative faculty and the human delight in invention.
    • Families can pencil in their vision of the future of York in an imaginative event at York Art Gallery this week.
    • He likes to take risks simply to make the business of imaginative invention more interesting.
    • Sadly, rising water levels now threaten this imaginative form of transport.