Translation of imbalance in Spanish:


desequilibrio, n.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈbæləns//ɪmˈbal(ə)ns/


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    desequilibrio masculine
    • They are not necessarily a match made in heaven, and not only because of their income imbalance.
    • Besides, all other forms of human intrusion into the habitat could cause imbalance.
    • But boil away all the froth and you are still left with a residue of stark imbalance in the treatment of the two sides.
    • The Conservatives claimed any short-term imbalance could be evened out over the economic cycle.
    • So what can be done about this imbalance between baseball and football coverage?
    • This imbalance is affecting people's capacity for pleasure, love, success and a healthy life.
    • An imbalance between these two often causes the quest for gender equality to be shrouded in confusion.
    • On the other hand, there is also another kind of gender imbalance within higher education.
    • Any imbalance between the flow of goods in and the flow out will push the dollar down or up according to the basic laws of supply and demand.
    • Domestic economic imbalances and disproportionalities are relatively muted.
    • This imbalance is forcing up wages and prompting companies to bring in foreign workers.
    • The group said that imbalance could lead to a squeeze on stocks which may feed through to more price rises in future.
    • The cups rely on a slight pressure imbalance to keep the liquid from leaking out.
    • As last week, my Monday morning brain chemical imbalance has struck again.
    • The imbalance in police resources between York and rural North Yorkshire has at last begun to be addressed.
    • It is in a temporary state of imbalance, and it tends as much as possible to maintain this imbalance.
    • But finance ministers can try to anticipate where the next imbalance is likely to emerge.
    • Although the list of ingredients reveals added sugar, the tastebuds detect no imbalance.
    • In case mention of acupuncture has alarmed you, treatment of this imbalance is a gentle process.
    • Too much food, particularly protein, in the initial phase aggravates the metabolic imbalance.