Translation of imbibe in Spanish:


beber, v.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈbʌɪb//ɪmˈbaɪb/

transitive verb


  • 1

    ingerir formal
    • We read poems by our predecessors to imbibe the experience of life as captured by them.
    • But, whatever the reason, men no longer imbibe alcohol so freely, especially during the day, as they did a few years ago.
    • The Mongols may have imbibed ideas about manoeuvre warfare from captive Chinese, but it is more likely they did it by instinct.
    • I wonder if young medics busy imbibing knowledge and collecting degrees will see some simple truths: There is a need for more doctors in Community Medicine; and we badly want good General Practitioners.
    • The play encourages young minds to question existing norms and the children have managed to imbibe the thought of the play.
    • Food was eaten, alcohol imbibed, shops toured and art appraised.
    • Research has found that children who imbibe soft drinks tend to consume more calories than those who don't.
    • When they went to summer camps, guards patrolled the perimeter and the inmates spent every waking moment imbibing the thoughts of the master.
    • The company claims that if you take this pill, you will need less alcohol to stay drunk, so will imbibe less.
    • 26% of Americans who drink alcohol admit they sometimes imbibe more than they should.
  • 2

    (knowledge/information) imbuirse de formal
    (knowledge/information) empaparse de

intransitive verb


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