Translation of imitate in Spanish:


imitar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɪməˌteɪt//ˈɪmɪteɪt/

transitive verb

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    (person/mannerism) imitar
    (person/mannerism) (trying to be funny) imitar
    (person/mannerism) (trying to be funny) remedar
    • When recalling the conversation, she imitates his voice with a slow, rocking-chair-like southern accent.
    • To imitate the musical speech of children, Mahler uses a pentatonic interspersed melodic.
    • They learn from doing, from a simulated experience that very closely imitates real life scenarios.
    • Bed rest can closely imitate some of the detrimental effects of weightlessness on the body.
    • Zoe carefully imitated what Brian had done and began climbing down the other side.
    • The mere simplicity of the film is appealing, and some of the awkward, unsteady dialogue seems to imitate the conversations that can be found in real life coffee shops.
    • As children witness these behaviors, they sometimes imitate what they have experienced or observed.
    • When he graduates with a BA, he's already talking like a doctor, imitates doctors' mannerisms, and has developed a bedside manner - all before he even gets to medical school.
    • In his defence, he claimed that he was merely imitating the film's hero.
    • Most of their affectionate banter borders on the painful humiliating putdown, with Jamie loving to imitate Paul's manic mannerisms behind his back.
    • There is nothing wrong in imitating mannerisms found in every human being.
    • That is, motivated by prestige and upward mobility, lower class women try to imitate the speech of the upper class but miss the target and end up with affrication rather than frication.
    • The resulting sound is not unlike that of an organ, and different settings imitate different registrations while a reverberation unit can simulate different acoustic conditions.
    • He had grown fairly adept at imitating Jimjim's clipped speech.
    • When Jen talks to the Mail Girl, she can't resist imitating her British accent.
    • For example, simulations can be used to imitate a specific market situation.
    • Simulation is an analytical method designed to imitate a real-life system.
    • At its most basic, a paramilitary group was structured to resemble or imitate a command or military organization.
    • Timmy then promptly began imitating a blonde model, screaming and fluttering his eyelashes.
    • He spoke slowly and clearly in his Elneside dialect, instead of imitating the speech of the easterners as he often did now in order to be easily understood.
    • The way I speak is normal to me, but I will attempt to imitate your speech.
    • With the presenter's help, Lipan imitated the gestures and the speech of a psychic but did it with a lot of sarcasm.
    • Art that merely imitated nature - portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and genre scenes - was secondary.
    • He would imitate Cameron's mannerisms and everything.
    • But some simulations imitate real people and economies more closely than others, just as some physics models produce more authentic collisions.
    • Since her very early childhood, she has been addicted to elocution, imitating the voices and expressions of other people.
    • However, mountain chalets (country houses) built by city-dwellers as vacation homes often imitate the older rural styles.
    • With younger students, rubato is taught through modeling (students imitating the teacher's timing) and playing teacher-student duets.
    • In contrast to common chimps, at six months of age Kanzi engaged in much vocal babbling and seemed to be trying to imitate human speech.
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