Translation of immediate in Spanish:


inmediato, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈmiːdɪət//ɪˈmidiət/


  • 1

    • 1.1(instant, prompt)

      (decision/attention/reply) inmediato
      immediate delivery entrega inmediata feminine
      • to take immediate action actuar inmediatamente
      • these tablets afford immediate relief estas tabletas proporcionan un alivio instantáneo / inmediato
      • the law will take immediate effect la ley entrará en vigor inmediatamente
      • Don't try to make it happen all at once and expect immediate physical change.
      • But at that time, see, it's all about instant gratification, immediate gratification.
      • This was the blunt message delivered at a public meeting on Friday last, a message which prompted the immediate establishment of an action group to save the historic house.
      • If your child is very dehydrated, she needs immediate medical attention.
      • As a result, our impact was almost immediate.
      • Their response was almost immediate and crucially telling.
      • What were the immediate reactions of the students in the aftermath of September 11?
      • Somebody who has collapsed as a result of a cardiac arrest needs immediate attention.
      • I was instantly smitten with the immediate gratification.
      • Physiological recordings from the central nervous system indicate that the response is almost immediate with a very short latency.
      • One immediate practical effect in the area of residential care could be an increase in insurance premiums.
      • Do we not have the technology to make a deodorant immediate and long-lasting?
      • There is no question but that the impact of this on confidence will be immediate.
      • I think there is more immediate gratification with this.
      • However, these concepts are introduced all at once with no immediate application for the student.
      • Anyone caught breaching the ‘yellow card’ will face immediate arrest and an instant sentence of three months.
      • Brown's response to this fundamental problem was immediate, once it had been brought to his attention.
      • The advertisement showed no recognition that immediate gratification usually presents a bill, with extortionate interest.
      • The most immediate impact is the rapid water and solute loss caused by tissue damage.
      • This in turn has triggered the disappearance of a system of symbols that once enabled immediate identification of a woman's status.

    • 1.2

      (need/aim/problem) urgente
      (need/aim/problem) apremiante
      (problem/need/aim) perentorio
      of more immediate concern to me is my own future a mí me preocupa más mi propio futuro
      • The Rural Forum aims to find long-term ways of re-building a strong, sustainable and more diverse rural economy, once the immediate farming crisis has been dealt with.
      • This kind of analysis is really just the product of a false hindsight that tends to see the past through the lenses of the immediate present.
      • They are hopeful however that once the immediate uncertainty abates there would be a quick return of consumer confidence.
      • Kaizen appears particularly successful in shaping commitment once the immediate threat to jobs has disappeared.
      • The court heard the infestation presented an immediate risk of injury to health.
      • Get people to voice their immediate current concerns or questions.
      • Mr Gill said there would be no speedy return to normality once the immediate foot and mouth crisis is over.
      • More than the big picture, look at the immediate, present needs.
      • Once the immediate impact of the flooding has passed, the government, the opposition and the media will drop their feigned concern and leave the victims to their fate.
      • Although it is stressful for babies to cry alone, there is no evidence that crying in a parent's arras is harmful, once all immediate needs are met.
      • In the meantime, the defendant is released on her own recognizance, as she presents no immediate threat to the artistic community.
      • The world's populations live in the present, and their immediate needs have to be addressed.
      • Motown execs are right about one thing: there's little immediate threat of a financial collapse.
      • I would have told her more - or maybe I couldn't have - but I knew nothing beyond the immediate present.
      • Last Thursday, a high-profile military booster in Congress suddenly shattered the conventional wisdom that immediate withdrawal is unthinkable.
      • The prisoner's continued liberty or, as the case may be, immediate release, would present an unacceptable risk to the public of further offences being committed.
      • Of more immediate concern is what banks need to do when presented with a freezing order.
      • There are big issues of governance, debt, aid, trade and development that will have to be addressed once the immediate crisis management is over.
      • Adams, who has two children in primary school, feels there has to be radical overhaul of the way council services are organised once this immediate crisis is over.
      • And once the immediate conflict was over, why did he disappear?

  • 2

    in the immediate future en el futuro inmediato
    • in the immediate vicinity en las inmediaciones
    • my immediate superior mi superior inmediato / directo
    • my immediate family mis familiares más cercanos
  • 3

    • 3.1formal

      (consequence/knowledge/cause) inmediato
      (consequence/cause/knowledge) directo
      • Catholicism, then, knows immediate presence rather than symbolism.
      • ‘So far in museum exhibitions, the visitor was not placed in immediate contact with the past,’ he wrote.
      • The writer's deployment of language might be delightfully immediate, even teasingly trivial.
      • A second feature of Kantian intuition is that it yields immediate knowledge.
      • Heidegger grounded his philosophy in phenomenology, the close examination of the given field of immediate experience.
      • This work brought her into immediate contact with those just surviving.
      • Hume had shown that no immediate knowledge of causes is possible, for we have no impression of necessary connection.
      • Not so long ago, art galleries were often full of people looking at recognisable objects for which they felt an immediate connection.
      • Knowledge that is immediate may supply the premises for the inference of further knowledge, but even immediate knowledge depends on coherence.
      • Many historians working in Germany today have judged that that educative effort had little immediate effect on popular attitudes.
      • The immediate connection between the ‘Void’ and our conceptions of chaos may not be explicit to many readers.
      • It further held, allowing the Commissioners' appeal, that on the facts the requisite ‘direct and immediate link’ was not established.
      • The imitation did not represent the thing but was the thing and replaced the thing's immediate presence.
      • E-mails and mobiles make everything immediate and we are expected to do things immediately.
      • The lesson is that, while all sorts of moments of illumination can occur, it is not to be expected that knowing this God will be instantaneous or immediate.
      • But what I felt was the kind of fear that comes from being in the immediate presence of great evil.
      • The adult males' roars are often so loud and startling that first-time visitors are convinced they are in the immediate presence of a jaguar.
      • Carbohydrates are the ones to watch here - since fats and proteins have little immediate effect on blood sugar.
      • The ticking of the new clock was an immediate presence in the dark bedroom.
      • The notion allows Heidegger to avoid giving primacy to non-theoretical immediate experience.
      • It is a story that would be lacking without the immediate presence of the actress right there with you, telling you a tale with her whole being.
      • The abolitionist movement developed primarily in the nations of Western Europe and their overseas offshoots, often without the immediate presence of legal slavery.
      • Where there is not immediate presence, account must be taken of the possibility of alterations in the circumstances, for which the defendant should not be responsible.
      • The national department of the environment and tourism said this material did not present an immediate danger to the environment as it was well-packed.
      • But it has also presented an immediate and magnified picture of what war means on the ground, removed from any wider context of the political ends being pursued.

    • 3.2

      (style) directo
      (feel) de inmediatez