Translation of immobilize in Spanish:


inmovilizar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪ(m)ˈmoʊbəˌlaɪz//ɪˈməʊbɪlʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (vehicle/capital) inmovilizar
    • It immobilises the mind's flexibility and ability to adapt to pressure.
    • The point was to silence and immobilize leadership while forcing groups to redirect energy and resources into raising funds, organizing legal defenses and publicizing the cases.
    • On Bank Holiday Monday, about 5.30 pm, a vehicle returning from Coney Island over the strand was immobilised in deep water leaving its four passengers clinging to the roof.
    • Both big powers are immobilised by the conflict.
    • Also electrical stimulation of the muscles while they are immobilized prevents the usual decrease in their oxidative capacity and can also prevent muscle fibre atrophy.
    • This desire becomes only stronger once he assumes the role of the detective, whose very function has been to immobilize the mysteries of the world by constructing a coherent text.
    • Another approach is to immobilize the ship by ‘fouling its propeller.’
    • It takes away from self-confidence, immobilizes a person through anxiety, and creates an exaggerated fear of the environment.
    • Pre-slaughter stunning was introduced in 1933 to protect abattoir personnel, not animals, by immobilising the animal to facilitate slaughter.
    • First, she loses physical control of her hands, and, by the conclusion of the concert, she is so immobilized that she can't even stand up to take a bow.
    • In the martial art of ju-jitsu, the less powerful uses the strength of the aggressor to immobilize them.
    • The lesson is that overanalyzing change can immobilize us and prevent us from taking action.
    • It's whether you're immobilized by the fear of death.
    • Special features of the packages can make them more user-friendly and immobilize products to prevent damage.
    • The result was a government immobilized by fear of schism and unable to respond to a real opportunity to develop a better relation with the minority community.
    • The most fear he had ever felt rushed over him, immobilizing him on the stage.
    • It's clearly true that he is virtually immobilized through his fear of coming across poorly in the eyes of strangers.
    • It pays to read the signs before leaving your car in a carpark or other private land in England: security guards can impose enormous instant fines, and enforce them by immobilizing your car with a wheel clamp.
    • The owner, who had parked the car there after it had broken down, had removed the distributor cap to immobilize his car.
    • In the new program the majority of the techniques consist of non-lethal ways to immobilize our opponent.
  • 2

    (limb/patient) inmovilizar
    • The surgeon immobilized the right adrenal mass and found evidence of intracaval extension of tumor.
    • In severe cases, immobilize joint with abundantly padded splint.
    • Its advice, if you are bitten by a snake, is to keep calm, immobilise the affected limb with a splint or sling and evacuate the person to medical help, with a description of the snake if possible.
    • The knee should be immobilized if there is pain with motion.
    • The leg was immobilized in a long leg cast with the knee at 30 [degrees] of flexion for 8 weeks.
    • Treatment involves protecting and immobilizing the foot.
    • The improvement obtained by manipulation is maintained by immobilizing the foot in a plaster cast for five to seven days.
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is treated by placing the wrist on a splint to immobilize it and to prevent pressure to the nerves.
    • When a broken limb is immobilized in a rigid cast, changes begin immediately in both the bone and surrounding muscles.
    • Alternatively, the foot can be immobilised in a well moulded total contact plaster that is initially non-weight bearing.
    • Of the 54 children taken by ambulance, eight had not been immobilised.
    • The damaged limbs were often kept immobilized because of the confinement of the iron lung.
    • If this accident had happened on shore, the corpsman would have followed the same procedures but would have had to immobilize the leg with a splint.
    • As a general rule, fractures need to be immobilised for between two and eight weeks.
    • If a body part must be immobilised - to allow skin graft adherence, for example - then the part should be splinted or positioned in an anti-deformity position for the minimum time possible.
    • In order to allow the soft tissues around your knuckles to heal, your entire hand will be immobilized for one to two weeks.
    • Another barrier surgeons had to overcome was immobilizing a shattered limb while ensuring they had access to the open wound so they could treat infection.
    • My broken left arm was still immobilised in a splint, still healing and sore.
    • The cervical spine should be immobilised with a cervical collar, sandbag, and tape.
    • Patients with full range of motion in the early postoperative period may be immobilized for a longer period, because they are less likely to develop a stiff shoulder.