Translation of immortal in Spanish:


inmortal, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪ(m)ˈmɔrdl//ɪˈmɔːt(ə)l/


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    (being/soul) inmortal
    • Next, they move on to discuss whether the soul is immortal and does not perish.
    • I do believe I would sell my immortal soul to make him mine.
    • It makes sense because you the immortal being are good and you will hinder your own growth when doing harm.
    • By the cosmic power of my might, I make you immortal!
    • They're vampires… immortal beings… what would they possibly have to benefit from me?
    • After all, a vampire has all the time in the world being immortal.
    • The fact that we do not have immortal souls does not justify unethical behavior.
    • He ate the fruit out of love for her, risking death and choosing her over immortal bliss.
    • Indeed, developments in science and the philosophy of mind make it increasingly difficult - though certainly not impossible - to maintain that humans have immortal souls.
    • Those wacky writers celebrated the seemingly immortal local television drama's 3000th episode with their most audacious storyline to date.
    • She got to petted and pampered all the days of her life… yet she was like a spoiled child in the respect that she would not share if her immortal soul depended upon it.
    • The keep was a magnificent sight; it had existed on Vineguard Isle for as long as even the immortal elves could remember.
    • It therefore seems natural to conclude that I know myself to be substantial, indivisible, enduring, perhaps even immortal, on the basis of self-awareness alone.
    • It's true that exercising and eating well won't make you immortal.
    • In exchange for Johnson's immortal soul, the devil tuned his guitar, thereby giving him the abilities, which he so desired.
    • I've heard enough about what you've seen of her to last my immortal soul a few lifetimes.
    • For their class, for France, and for their immortal souls, women like the Marquise de la Tour du Pin became convinced of the need for a purposeful revolution in the aristocratic way of life.
    • The soul is immortal and simply lives in temporary shelters, those of human bodies.
    • It has all the necessary ingredients: the immortal soul, religious arguments, civil discrimination issues, and fair trade implications.
    • Fame and power and wealth could not really make them more immortal than anyone else.
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    (fame/words/memory) inmortal
    (memory/fame/words) imperecedero
    the immortal Elvis Presley el inmortal Elvis Presley
    • If he's the author, he deserves immortal renown.
    • Ali withstood similarly appalling punishment in his three wars with Frazier, and most memorably during his immortal Rumble in the Jungle with George Foreman.
    • He may have taken 325 Test wickets and captained England, but the career of Bob Willis, who was born today, will be best remembered for one immortal spell at Headingley in 1981.
    • These are the immortal words from the beginning lines of the classic song ‘Born to be Wild’ released by Steppenwolf in 1968.
    • One of these is writer Miguel de Cervantes whose immortal work Don Quixote recently celebrated its 400th anniversary.
    • But most people's second reaction was to remember all the immortal moments and, let's be honest, there were hundreds of them.
    • We all remember their immortal rendition of ‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’, but everyone always forgets Bombalurina's other hit.
    • Remember the immortal words of a famous Vegas singer: I pity those who don't drink; when they wake up, that's the best they're going to feel all day.
    • Cervantes did not realise that his book and its hero would become immortal and would often be quoted in a modern context.
    • The immortal classic which continues to inspire many to take a closer look at history has set a bunch of upwardly mobile information technology professionals on a voyage into time.
    • Deflated and confused, he proceeded to utter an immortal phrase which I will never forget.
    • It redefines community with its never-ending reservoirs of immortal classics to improvise, reshape and bring in new meaning to melodies.
    • One great illustration is Mark Twain's immortal classic, Huckleberry Finn.
    • But it did contribute a repertory of immortal songs easily memorable by their combination of direct tunes and earthy good humour.
    • It has also hit upon the idea of spreading this immortal classic among the grown-ups.
    • And as with talents, so too with desires and temperaments: some crave immortal fame, others merely comfortable preservation.
    • The origins of myths and legends are as varied as the immortal marvels they celebrate.
    • A serious tone was on his face as he said those immortal words.
    • I remembered the immortal words of Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet.
    • His genius was recognized during his life, and his work has become immortal.


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    inmortal masculine