Translation of immunize in Spanish:


inmunizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɪmjəˌnaɪz//ˈɪmjʊnʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to immunize sb against sth inmunizar a algn contra algo
    • Reportedly, an average five people a week bitten by stray dogs are immunised at the anti-hydrophobia ward of the First City Hospital.
    • If everyone around me is immunized, should I accept the risk of immunization?
    • All but one of these children had been immunised with MMR vaccine.
    • A rabbit was immunized and boosted with the purified recombinant mammaglobin.
    • Thus the ‘stark fiction’ confronts us squarely with ‘the horrors’ and immunizes us against the philosophers’ ‘good news.’
    • Purified proteins were then used as antigens to immunize rabbits.
    • I think that may have somehow immunized me against subsequent infestation.
    • Mice were immunized with the allergen and the response was compared with the response achieved with ovalbumin immunization.
    • His intellect and a decade of political experience in Scotland had immunised him to the nervous breakdown infecting others in the party.
    • This reflexive perspective immunizes him against the compromising racial charges often leveled against him.
    • Even immunized dogs can excrete leptospires in their urine over long periods.
    • The current method of producing the treatment is to immunize horses against the venom of the cobra, common krait, saw-scaled viper and Russell's viper.
    • When it comes to serious diseases for which vaccines are available, if you're properly immunized you can't get the disease.
    • Although this advice may sound self-serving, the fact is that, for a vaccine to successfully immunize a pet, the animal must be healthy.
    • And let those nice farmers in China and Vietnam continue to immunize those chickens.
    • Three days after UV exposure, the mice were immunized by subcutaneous injection of the antigen.
    • Stray dogs are carefully controlled, household dogs are immunised, and rabies vaccination is widely available.
    • Scientists have successfully immunised mice against the Ebola virus.
    • But alas, frequent highs have the baneful effect of immunizing me from working harder on longer writing projects that I have taken on.
    • History is the process of immunizing us to the eccentricities of a specific milieu, the milieu of place in favor of ideology.