Translation of impassioned in Spanish:


apasionado, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈpæʃənd//ɪmˈpaʃ(ə)nd/


  • 1

    • That night we must have performed for over 100 people - the most impassioned audience we'd ever had.
    • During a career that spanned five decades, he created a new and impassioned form of abstract painting.
    • For those so inspired, it also offered a significant and impassioned political experience.
    • No wonder she is still impassioned about a book she wrote more than a decade ago.
    • It was impassioned and almost needy; I was too shocked to do anything but kiss back.
    • But it was not especially difficult, because the kids were impassioned.
    • I was so impassioned that my mom got sucked into the scheme and helped me with the binding.
    • I am sure there will be impassioned argument among the Council members for your future, but I for one feel that that future is likely to be very brief indeed.
    • His speech was impassioned but it only managed to infuriate me more.
    • However, support for the original committee is equally impassioned.
    • His poetry may take different forms; it can be impassioned or ironic.
    • So I can afford to wait, even emotionally, until a really good or impassioned idea comes along.
    • For the most part, he's very good too, his precise but impassioned delivery raising this far above what most people will have expected of it.
    • But I divine far more complex forces than mere aesthetic preferences lurking behind this oddly impassioned schism.
    • He's impassioned and animated, perceptive and entertaining, gregarious and charismatic.
    • During one impassioned speech we were given a lingering shot of one of the delegates in the audience fast asleep.
    • Coleman's tenor sax almost steals the show with what some consider the most impassioned lyrical playing of his career.
    • His losing bid for the presidency in the war election of 1864 would see much more impassioned rhetoric.
    • I had been transformed from timorous novice to impassioned biker.
    • They each give surprisingly impassioned short speeches.