Translation of impatient in Spanish:


impaciente, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈpeɪʃənt//ɪmˈpeɪʃ(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (unwilling to wait)
    don't be so impatient no seas tan impaciente
    • she will be impatient for her lunch estará impaciente por comer
    • He was never angry with any person, nor was he ever impatient with their human weaknesses.
    • I became very impatient with the game before I had even gotten far into it.
    • Like the rest of us, he is sometimes short and impatient with those around him, and he does not suffer fools gladly.
    • Michelle was starting to get a little impatient waiting for Guy and stood up to get ready to leave.
    • I come on behalf of someone who's grown very impatient with your games.
    • Last week's conflict was provoked by the arrogance of a Prime Minister impatient with the parliamentary process.
    • He seems impatient with you, almost testy to the point of animosity.
    • He becomes so impatient that later that night, he decides to pack some food and get the dogs himself.
    • Just some people are too impatient to see it, or they don't take it for what it is.
    • Frankly, it was annoying and I was growing impatient with all the delays.
    • Sometimes he sounds impatient with the necessary formality of the interview contract.
    • He's impatient with everything, annoyed at everything, and he always acts without thinking.
    • This high-speed technician can be brusque and impatient with the indecisive, but he is a wonder to behold.
    • Can I be forgiven for becoming a bit impatient here?
    • We are not to strive, become impatient with ourselves, or grow angry or despairing when we find we are bound by some uncleanness.
    • He quickly grew impatient with it, though he could not speak to Isobel of why.
    • Suddenly you feel irritated with others and impatient with your own inability to do things as well or as quickly as you hoped.
    • Letting out an impatient sigh, Jackie felt the world move in slow motion.
    • I was brought back to reality by the honk of an impatient driver behind me.
    • He quickly tuned my own guitar, having grown impatient with my sitting there.
  • 2

    (person) impaciente
    (gesture/voice) de impaciencia
    she's very impatient with the children no tiene nada de paciencia con los niños
    • to get impatient with sb perder la paciencia con algn
    • she's very impatient of incompetence no tolera la incompetencia