Translation of impenitent in Spanish:


impenitente, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈpɛnɪt(ə)nt//ɪmˈpɛnətnt/


  • 1

    despite everything, he remains impenitent a pesar de todo, no se arrepiente
    • It is not to pretend the impenitent person is penitent.
    • If he does not confess he is at a loss, then he is an impenitent who will not admit his sins.
    • He is also assured, brilliant, and impenitent, often justifying appalling military actions.
    • Michelle, her actor daughter, is impenitent in unloading the truth about her high society mother who denies her Quebecois roots.
    • But six years later he was arrested again, this time under charges of impenitent heresy, and was burnt at the stake in 1596, at the age of thirty.
    • Once condemned and in prison awaiting execution, Peter received visits from local ministers eager to prevent him from meeting death impenitent.
    • But apparently the real purpose of the Mass is to provide a setting in which we feel comfortable with our impenitent persistence in grave sin.
    • ‘Everything is blessing to the elect,’ he stated, ‘but nothing is blessing to the impenitent unbeliever outside Christ.’
    • To think and speak of that day with horror doth well become the impenitent sinner, but ill the believing saint.
    • The Lords and Commons repent, but the clergy remain impenitent, are exposed, and the malefactors brought to the scaffold.
    • But there is no folly like that of the impenitent child of the world.
    • Will you die in your sins and go to hell like the impenitent robber?
    • The impenitent and unbelieving will be ‘outside’ for ever.
    • It is he who, now discovered, remains impenitent.
    • In the end it is the feeling of incongruity that persists, something obstinate and impenitent and a sense that nobody quite knows what to do about it.