Translation of imperialist in Spanish:


imperialista, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪmˈpɪriələst//ɪmˈpɪərɪəlɪst/


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    • We have to be a thorn in the side of this imperialist government.
    • The need for a new imperialist strategy is as urgent as ever.
    • We certainly do not need another front man for imperialist aggression around the world and a police state at home.
    • The jungle paintings are also a response to Europe's imperialist expansion during this period.
    • But they would still be forced to do business with capitalist and imperialist powers.
    • Today, a new era of imperialist violence and colonialism has begun.
    • Rather than being a humanitarian intervention, the invasion is a brutal act of imperialist aggression.
    • What we are seeing in the world today is a product of this murderous imperialist policy.
    • All other imperialist governments have their own methods of achieving the same ends.
    • He ended up supporting the democratic imperialist powers in the Second World War.
    • The basic social force for opposing imperialist war is the working class.
    • They had no potential support other than that of imperialist bayonets.
    • Many said we need to resist the occupation, further imperialist wars and capitalism.
    • Military conquest and colonial-style occupation is only the most overt form of imperialist domination.
    • They in no way challenge the capitalist and imperialist character of the European Union itself.
    • They're colonialists, operating in the wake of war and imperialist expansions.
    • Only revolution could prevent the American bourgeoisie from entering into this war or beginning the third imperialist war.
    • This has been accompanied by a turn to imperialist war and neo-colonialism.
    • Here are just some of the key events in this bloody history of imperialist intervention in the region.
    • The result has been an act of imperialist aggression without precedent since the Second World War.


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    imperialista feminine
    • Mike says the Romans appear as noble imperialists.
    • This did not mean that the Bolsheviks were simply old-style imperialists whose commitment to national self-determination was fraudulent.
    • After the 1997 handover, the western imperialists were up to their tricks.
    • English is the language of the imperialists to be forced on people in the new national schools - but for many of the characters it is also the language of progress and modernity.
    • For that, he is denounced and vilified as a war-mongering imperialist.
    • The imperialists never cease to draw up ‘peace plans’ in order to secure their own strategic, political and economic interests.
    • Empire builders supreme, capitalists extraordinaire, imperialists par excellence, these are the criteria by which they govern.
    • But at least you'll have shown up those Yankee imperialists!
    • The American working class, however, cannot align itself with either faction in this struggle among the imperialists.
    • But the complicating wrinkle is that Buddhism has been remade by Yankee imperialists before.
    • Classic nineteenth century European imperialists believed they were literally on a mission.
    • Nor, it should be remembered, did the older European imperialists consider themselves exploiters.
    • I hope that young people will understand that if they won't win back their world from the imperialists they will be plagued by wars.
    • No imperialists have even been so impatient for quick results.
    • I don't remember him saying that he was only at war with reactionaries and imperialists.
    • It was only a matter of time before the imperialists and the junta struck.
    • The millions across the world who joined anti-war demonstrations would cheer if the aftershocks of the war brought the imperialists down from their thrones.
    • This state was created by the British imperialists.
    • Are advocates of human rights necessarily cultural imperialists?
    • Leaders of independent states who in any way irked the imperialists were either eliminated or squeezed so hard by the system that they abandoned their opposition.