Translation of imperious in Spanish:


imperioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪmˈpɪriəs//ɪmˈpɪərɪəs/


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    • It's true that she had a pretty imperious manner, but Granny never believed that one human being could be set above another by an accident of birth.
    • It's notoriously easy to hit the wrong tone and come off sharp, imperious or brusque in e-mail when you don't intend to.
    • His imperious bulk, even his accent, counted against him and when he was found to have fiddled the books he appeared to be beyond redemption.
    • The awkward driving position feels lofty and imperious.
    • Yet this apparent stonewalling has exasperated the Hong Kong press, which portrays her as imperious and arrogant.
    • A man who controls 100 people with a single imperious gesture is visibly demonstrating what power really means.
    • Both these batsmen look imperious when they are playing the outgoing ball, since they cut and square drive really well.
    • Her playing conjured up the tremulous voice and imperious manner without quite replacing it.
    • Although the news did not force its way on to the Evening Press front page, the imperious prose inside captured the significance of the moment.
    • I wasn't a distant or imperious art director - I was right in there with them all the time.
    • It's safe to say her imperious streak has been running on high here lately.
    • As a result he, too, was back to something like his imperious best.
    • He was once again imperious in a Scotland pack which dominated the home forwards for lengthy spells of an otherwise one-sided match.
    • They exude a true gothic sense of imperious detachment.
    • With no fear of losing, lawmakers become more arrogant and imperious, less open to compromise.
    • From a trompe l'oeil window on one side of the Palazzotto, a frescoed woman looks down, faintly mocking, faintly imperious.
    • Its ceremonial gateway towers over the city below, grand and imperious.
    • Could it be that she is a tad on the imperious side?
    • Their humble attire did little to detract from the air of imperious authority they exuded, however.
    • A highly regarded consultant and teaching doctor, I found her manner imperious and domineering.