Translation of impetus in Spanish:


ímpetu, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪmpədəs//ˈɪmpɪtəs/


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    (stimulus, boost)
    ímpetu masculine
    impulso masculine
    • First, what are the impetuses for conducting institutional comparative analysis?
    • One of the most interesting points to emerge is a recognition that with hindsight, European radicalism has once again written itself as a form of diffusionism, its sources and impetuses exclusive unto itself.
    • Later in the 19th century a fresh impetus was given to the sport with the arrival of Prince Albert.
    • One was that such cheap labour would add new impetus to the expansion of the colony.
    • Detectives are reported to be hoping the letter will add fresh impetus to the investigation.
    • The initial impetus for these reforms was to promote a high skill, high wage economy.
    • Religious instruction formed much of the early impetus for the creation of Renaissance art.
    • And the key impetus for growth will be product innovation and customer orientation.
    • And I believe that these new leaders add a new impetus to the situation.
    • They also gave renewed impetus to the production of deluxe illustrated manuscripts of secular texts.
    • His firebrand politics lend an emotional impetus and an urgency to his work.
    • The power of the Western media in lending impetus to a popular cause is palpable.
    • Further impetus was provided by my teenage son who has embarked on his own photographic odyssey.
    • He does concede that these scandals added impetus to the process.
    • The requirements of homogeneous diesel combustion processes give additional impetuses to the continued development of piezo controls for unit injector systems.
    • The expanded literature search was very coincident with the initial search, providing most of the same reasons, purposes, and impetuses for developing peer institution selection systems.
    • An additional impetus for change in the way traditional radio stations do business is on the horizon.
    • We have already seen the impetus for reform of vertical restraints.
    • Impetus for creation of the International Lincoln Center can be traced to late 1982.
    • The main impetus for change was the response of the parties to the collapse of communism.
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    ímpetu masculine