Translation of implantation in Spanish:


inculcación, n.

Pronunciation /ɪmplɑːnˈteɪʃn//ˌɪmplænˈteɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (of idea)
    (in mind) inculcación feminine
    (in society) implantación feminine
    • The tests and implantations had taken longer than she expected.
    • One research assistant made all the implantations to eliminate the between-observer variation in measurements.
    • If it is localized, there is a very high cure rate from either surgery or from radiation, external beam radiation or seed implantation.
    • Worldwide there have so far been only some 50 implantations for OCD and 15 for depression, but the technology suggests a not-too-distant future when options other than drugs may be available to sufferers of serious mental illness.
    • It is the practice in our facility to perform chin implantations and other minor procedures in the procedure room, which is near but not directly in the surgical suite.
    • Where there have been symptoms of an arrhythmia, driving is prohibited for six months following implantation of defibrillators.
    • I was whisked to Englewood Community Hospital, and that same morning I underwent a permanent pacemaker implantation.
    • Whether these alien chip implantations are part of another government project or are actually implanted by aliens is a whole discussion in itself.
    • In addition, localised radiotherapy at the time of stent implantation helps to reduce proliferation of smooth muscle.
    • Living tissue deteriorates rapidly when it loses its blood supply, and organs need to be cooled and transported for implantation into the recipient within a limited number of hours.
    • He suggested that I have knee implantations, but I'm not sure if I want to go that route.
    • They're all loud enough to be monitored without the physical implantation of any bugging device.
    • Bone implantation is part of the orthopaedic treatment for accident victims and for those suffering from bone loss due to tumour removal and skeletal deformity.
    • The surgical implantation is preformed under a general anesthetic.
    • The sample in this study consisted of 254 patients consecutively undergoing implantation of permanent pacemakers during a two-year period.
    • With higher tumor load and delayed administration after tumor implantation, dendritic cells were no longer effective.
    • Lens implantation has been around for several decades.
    • This clearly is not a normal laxity pattern and represents the limitations of graft implantation.
    • He needed a drainage shunt implantation to save his life.
    • Last month, they travelled to Texas to assist in the first-ever implantation of the pump device.
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    implantación feminine
    • Mating general takes place in July and August, but implantation is delayed until November.
    • Gestation lasts two months, but the young may be born up to a year after mating because these otters employ delayed implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus.
    • The term referred to the embryo before its implantation in the womb.
    • The gestation period is between 60 and 77 days, with delayed implantation probably involved.
    • If fertilization occurs, progesterone supports implantation of the ovum and maintains the pregnancy.