Translation of implement in Spanish:


implementar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɪmpləˌmɛnt//ˈɪmplɪmɛnt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    poner en práctica


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    instrumento masculine
    implemento masculine Latin America
    cooking implements utensilios de cocina masculine
    • Today, artists can use various implements to cut the blocks of wood.
    • From the dawn of stone age implements to the height of culinary technique, man has enjoyed his soup.
    • Many knives are designed as multi-purpose cutting implements.
    • By the 6th century a series of new farm implements began to make their appearance.
    • Unfortunately, I had no garden implements at hand.
    • Others were gardening, armed with clippers and other sharp implements.
    • He wields a giant microphone like some kind of torture implement.
    • The violence can be all too real with hammers, bombs and household implements being used to exact revenge.
    • The rules and regulations were explained and they were given basic digging implements - a spade and a fork.
    • On the porch of the museum are steam locomotives, municipal vehicles and agricultural implements.
    • He wants to show you his collection of gardening implements.
    • Inside, there is a display of paleolithic tools, neolithic stone implements and megalithic pottery.
    • A writer needs basically a space, a writing implement and some paper.
    • The hardware stores sold spades, forks, rakes and all sorts of farming implements.
    • The store sells clothing, household goods, small furniture and garden implements.
    • A Roman kitchen is being constructed alongside a display of medieval farming implements and clothes.
    • Thousands of people came from all sides armed with implements of destruction.
    • The stalls mostly sold such things as agricultural implements, live chickens and vegetables.
    • First, the implements of war would undergo a major technological change.
    • He tried to grip at the metal implement, but it fell to the floor.