Translation of importance in Spanish:


importancia, n.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈpɔːt(ə)ns//ɪmˈpɔrtns/


  • 1

    importancia feminine
    to be of great/of the utmost importance ser de suma/de la mayor importancia
    • it's of no importance no tiene (ninguna) importancia
    • to attach importance to sth concederle / darle importancia a algo
    • I want to write. I want to be able to spend a day doing nothing of any real importance.
    • The issue is of such importance that it should be dealt with at this early stage.
    • Most buildings of importance were pulverised and much of the city is still a ruin.
    • The importance of things can be measured by the amount of time we're willing to give them.
    • A great importance is attached to relaxation techniques that might help a person tensed due to chronic stressful life style.
    • The celebration of this festival shows the importance given to tradition in our religion.
    • On the whole it is clear that my field trip was of huge importance for my research.
    • It is right that if work of this importance is to be carried out, it should be done properly.
    • How can an organisation of this size and importance be allowed to get away with this?
    • His long dark hair fell loose down his back and his purple robes showed his great importance.
    • The importance of this question has been acknowledged on all sides in the present case.
    • It is always the case that only in a player's absence do we get a true idea of their importance to the team.
    • Music lost its importance and he even sold some of his guitars to pay for his habit.
    • Costumes and furniture have as much importance as what is spoken at dinner tables.
    • The best way to silence anybody puffed up with their own importance is to laugh at them.
    • This is a subject that is very important to some, and has no importance in the mind of others.
    • But her parents always emphasised the importance of higher education to their four children.
    • Take one problem and break it down into parts, ranking them in order of importance.
    • There was no importance placed on the way you look, because that was not the way you were going to get by.
    • Their own passion and commitment to achieve all odds has been of great importance to me.
  • 2

    (influence, standing)
    importancia feminine
    a position of great importance un puesto muy importante
    • she's so full of her own importance se da una importancia / unos aires …