Translation of important in Spanish:


importante, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈpɔrtnt//ɪmˈpɔːt(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (event/document) importante
    which is more important to you, happiness or success? ¿qué es más importante para ti, la felicidad o el éxito?
    • these services are important to the community estos servicios tienen gran importancia para la comunidad
    • the most important thing is that you eat well lo más importante es que comas bien
    • Glass is not the only transparent material, but it may have been the most important.
    • It's hard to know where to start explaining how important and useful this book is.
    • I was made to feel an important part of the team, even though I was just tapping a computer.
    • No one group has a monopoly on useful perspectives so an effective mix of views is important.
    • Perhaps what is more important is the effect that any change in interest rates might have.
    • Frankly, we think there are a lot more important and interesting things to argue about.
    • You get the sense that the spaces between her words are just as important as the words themselves.
    • It was an important game for me just to show that I could play in a bigger team.
    • From this point of view, it is also very important to practice compassion and patience.
    • To me the writing is more important than wondering whether anyone is actually reading.
    • Have you ever had something important to say only to find that you can't find the right words?
    • These things are obviously important to us all and we turn our back on the consequences at our peril.
    • They recognize that the national interest is an important value in world politics.
    • It's important to exercise at least three times a week to avoid problems with the heart.
    • I keep in the forefront of my mind the very important public interest in freedom of the press.
    • This is a timely, important book which points at matters which are relevant to us all now.
    • Underlying this issue is the balance to be struck between two important interests.
    • This might sound basic, but remember to make up backup copies of those important files.
    • It is important to avoid any further exposure to the sun until the burns have healed.
    • As we look into these issues it is important that we never lose sight of our basic values.
  • 2

    (personage/person/position) importante
    he's just trying to look important está tratando de darse importancia
    • The only time it was ever used was when my father had important people dining with him for business.
    • The Bolton mummy was an important person and could have held a role such as a priest.
    • He was hosting a dinner at his home in Garon for several important figures in Azareal.
    • You really can't have an important person slacking off like that in a time of crisis.
    • The important people have been informed of their duties and the day plan has been set in paper.
    • Pupils met the most important citizen in the district when he paid a visit to their school.
    • They also offer trips for the business man who wants to impress an important client.
    • Since then, he has fought his way back into credit and is now an important member of staff.
    • After all, in economic terms at least, a movie star is the most important person on the set.
    • So we asked our own oracle to look at the year ahead for some of the most important people in Irish business.
    • For my family are the most important people in my life. They are what I live and work for.
    • The traffic will part like the Red Sea to let them through because they're so important?
    • Each anecdote seems designed to remind us we are in the presence of a clever and important man.
    • I don't know too much about him, but he seemed like an important man and a good bloke.
    • Her people admired her and she continued to be an important figure in her homeland.
    • The most important leader in every large church was a bishop who supervised other clergy.
    • Luke is the oldest and the least important employee of a dismal company that imports cloth.
    • Suffice it to say that a very important person passed through my life this weekend.
    • I know how to behave in front of important people and how to behave in everyday life.
    • As one of his closest companions, Anne became an important member of the new regime.