Translation of impossibly in Spanish:


extremadamente, adv.

Pronunciation: /ɪmˈpɒsɪbli//ɪmˈpɑsəbli/


  • 1

    (difficult) extremadamente
    (difficult) increíblemente
    (lazy/slow/expensive) increíblemente
    • His hair was spiked, but true to its nature, a few wayward hairs escaped the gel, falling into his impossibly honey-brown eyes.
    • David is a man who sets himself impossibly high standards and then loathes himself for failing to achieve them.
    • Prices for crops offer at best a marginal return; hog prices have fallen to impossibly low levels.
    • ‘Once you've gained trust, bared all, built something, there are inevitably these impossibly high expectations,’ she wrote in an e-mail.
    • and immediately started to sprint as fast as possible in her impossibly long dress.
    • Joe described water that was impossibly blue, with vibrant corals and countless fish and other marine life.
    • That the film is still brilliant with its 50 minutes of extra material is no surprise - a film this good would have to fall an impossibly long way just to get near to the realm of mediocrity.
    • The missile continued to rise, finally leveling and falling at an impossibly slow rate, until it had completely carried over the fortress before crashing to the ground.
    • I think there were very high expectations for this movie, perhaps impossibly high.
    • Good reporters and writers often set impossibly high standards for themselves, benchmarks that far exceed what anyone else imposes.
    • So yes, there were hazards, and clouds of smoke pouring up in the air, but I can't regret those fall evenings by dancing flames under impossibly clear West Texas skies.
    • A blanket ban on western reporters makes the getting of hard information almost impossibly difficult.
    • Unlike elementary particles, there was a well-defined theory, the general theory of relativity, but this was thought to be impossibly difficult.
    • Industrial production possibilities and new technologies is a major, some would say impossibly difficult, task.
    • The impossibly high expectations of motherhood, of striking a balance between the working world and the world at home, is what most women face today.
    • It was falling slowly, impossibly slow, as if physics had given up and allowed gravity to be enchanting instead of practical.
    • And here's the impossibly blond and blue-eyed sweet boy, aged maybe five, standing in front of a Christmas tree.
    • Few human pursuits can conjure up such overblown expectations, fanned by holiday brochure photo-spreads showing impossibly white beaches domed by suspiciously azure skies.
    • We only feel guilt, hostility, and anger when we measure ourselves and others against impossibly high standards.
    • From the outset, he has faced two obstacles: impossibly high expectations and a political atmosphere that can only be described as poisonous.
    • It's an impossibly demanding task that results in an immediate, gripping drama - but one that, regrettably, falls apart upon reflection.
    • It was one of those impossibly beautiful late fall days - everything seemed freshly washed.
    • Viewed through 21 st-century eyes, the political landscape Macmillan describes seems almost impossibly genteel and good-natured.
    • There are simple important questions which might have simple concise explanations, but finding these explanations seems impossibly difficult.
    • However, unlike Isabel, Amy is impossibly rich - dotcom-entrepreneur rich.
    • She looked like a graceful winter fairy - a model - a princess - a… he couldn't even find the right words to describe her she was so impossibly beautiful.
    • This was because in most cases it was impossibly difficult to carry out the whole process - from interception to the delivery of a signal to the officer who could use it - before the land battle had moved on.
    • Make your financial passwords completely personal to you - and make them impossibly difficult for anyone else to guess!
    • It would be all too easy to go into activity overdrive to try to cram in as much as possible during a visit, particularly given the impossibly long summer days.
    • At the time, dogmatists fiercely defended the view that an artificial lens would be impossibly difficult to implant, and would also be rejected by the immune system.
    • Humbled by the magnificence of the falls, Lewis felt his written description impossibly inadequate.
    • There are lots of reasons for giving up smoking - in fact it's reasons for continuing to smoke that are impossibly difficult to come up with.
    • Certainly as a work of fiction this series could be easily dismissed as impossibly cute and unbelievable.
    • Harry's gaze fell again on the wedding photograph of two impossibly young people, faces bright with the glow of first love.
    • You met… and still meet most all of my impossibly high standards, except for the big one: You aren't interested in me in return.
    • Concentration on psychological fulfilment places enormous strain on the institution because it raises impossibly high expectations.
    • It's an interesting and entertaining game for the most part; but in places it's almost impossibly difficult and annoying.
    • Some of Fellini's situations seem impossibly grotesque, yet they have echoes in recent world events.
    • In some cases the correctness of a judgment of taste may be impossibly difficult to decide. We may even think that there is no right answer to be had if we are asked to compare two very different things.
    • Unlike many of the shoppers we saw struggling to squeeze impossibly large packages into all-too-small vehicles, at least we had a car that could cope with anything we threw at it.