Translation of improvement in Spanish:


mejora, n.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈpruvmənt//ɪmˈpruːvm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (in design, situation) mejora feminine
    (in health) mejoría feminine
    you're getting better, but there's still plenty of room for improvement has mejorado pero todavía puedes mejorar mucho más
    • if you comb your hair, it will be a big improvement estarás mucho mejor si te peinas
    • to be an improvement on sth ser mejor que/ superior a algo
    • his new girlfriend is a definite improvement on the previous one no cabe duda de que su nueva novia es mucho mejor que / muy superior a la anterior
    • her time is an improvement on the world record su tiempo mejora el récord mundial
    • an attempt at self-improvement un intento de superarse como persona
    • This I think is very true and an improvement on what I was originally saying.
    • This was a vast improvement on their awful form in the Connacht Final against Mayo in Castlebar.
    • While an improvement on the previous plan, it still falls far short of acceptable.
    • It is hoped that the results will help them find out how to make improvements and developments.
    • It is recognised as a major improvement on previous methods of estimating breeding values.
    • This improvement should be a boost to using public transport and help reduce traffic congestion.
    • As I write this we are working night and day to redesign the site to reflect the improvements in technology.
    • He added that he is looking forward to an improvement in facilities and services at the hospital.
    • The current detection rate of nine per cent is also an improvement on last year's performance.
    • However, that is a vast improvement on our last performance, which doesn't bear detailing.
    • In general farmers agree the weather is an improvement on last summer when rain was non-stop.
    • The latest version is a considerable improvement on the last one, however.
    • I think the amendment is a step forward and an improvement in the bill as it came to the House.
    • In almost every sense, this is a massive improvement on the first game.
    • The position those members have taken is that this bill is an improvement and a step forward.
    • She is anxious to receive any other suggestions which can lead to further improvements.
    • He said any improvements had been done by the Chamber of Trade and other non-political groups.
    • This was an improvement on previous years but the way poverty is measured by the agency has changed.
    • At first glance it appeared that our hotel was going to be an considerable improvement on the last one.
    • Managed care organisations that consistently monitor and report on quality have shown significant improvements in quality.
    • This development led to an improvement of the balance of goods and services and thus a reduction in the debt.
    • Latin American markets have also been boosted by improvements in their domestic economies.
    • I know that there are many other improvements that members will be able to put forward.
    • This was one of their better days and it was a vast improvement on their last outing against Galway.
    • The new system of cabinet government we have in York is not, in my view, an improvement on the committee system.
    • Eden District Council said the development would also bring improvements to the road.
    • The new bikes incorporate all of the improvements that that were developed over the last few years.
    • There was an improvement on Thursday and thank God he has been doing very well since then.
    • His best finish is a tie for 38th but if the short game is as good as it can be and he keeps hold of the long, then he may post a big improvement on the past.
    • Not only will the trust be able to restore the garden, but it will also be able to make improvements to paths and seating.
    • We not only need to raise the money to fund the improvements, we need to carry them out.
    • This will be an improvement on drug treatments which influence the whole body and are not effective for all patients.
    • But that is an improvement on last year's figures when the city was ranked sixth worst.
    • This is an improvement on three years ago when 35 per cent were considered to be in the red.
    • Some of the money raised has been invested in the improvement of our website.
    • The site not used would then be sold off to finance extensions and improvements at the remaining two schools.
    • Overall 29 per cent of crimes in Wiltshire were detected, an improvement on last year.
    • This performance by the United's second string was a major improvement on last season.
    • The huge improvements have been matched with a large amount of physical development to the building.
    • Yet these improvements are vital if the economy and tourism are to develop.
  • 2improvements plural

    mejoras feminine
    to make improvements hacer mejoras