Translation of impurity in Spanish:


impureza, n.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈpjʊrədi//ɪmˈpjʊərɪti/


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    impureza feminine
    • In Galatians 5: 19-21 the list is headed by sexual immorality, impurity, licentiousness, and idolatry.
    • In vv 24 and 26a Paul asserts a surfeit of desire and passion by the people he is denouncing, which he characterizes as impurity and dishonor.
    • There are whole areas of Amsterdam devoted purely to impurity.
    • In order to teach these concepts of movement and philosophy, I adopted an ancient Chinese term Hakuda, which translates as ‘striking without impurity.’
    • The first group includes those books offering serious Buddhist interpretations of the nine stages from the perspective of contemplations on impurity and transience.
    • However, on the arrival of some believers from Judea, allied with James on the issue of table fellowship, Peter declined to eat with Gentiles on the grounds of ritual impurity.
    • One of the more entertaining aspects of working for an institution like the Weekly is to see how often the readers sense some sort of betrayal, some creeping sign of impurity.
    • ‘So you say,’ replied Dionysus, ‘but impurity is pursued by many in broad daylight.’
    • The spirit of a jealous person is one of impurity, which takes on an evil quality that provokes real, perceptible damage to the envied person, animal or property.
    • For the light of the Navi blesses our spirits and cleans them of impurity.
    • Saints looked at Stevens and noticed his eyes flared with injustice and impurity.
    • I am the sword, forged of your will; by your command I will cleanse this land of impurity!
    • Once the delight and help of her husband, she is now the loathing of his soul and tempts him to absence and impurity.
    • Now, it is clear that this sacrifice is brought as a consequence of impurity from the fact that the same sacrifice of two turtle-doves or two pigeons is brought by a leper, a woman who has had an impure issue, and one who has just given birth.
    • It's pretty much a rule of politics that when a party has been out of power for a while it is willing to tolerate a decent amount of ideological impurity in its presidential candidate.
    • They also maintained that illness, poverty, business failure, or any other misfortune is simply due to sin and spiritual impurity.
    • Choking back further sobs that I had kept in check, I swallowed my bitterness at the injustice of it all and continued to scrub, pressing into the carpeting hard, digging in, trying to erase every blotch, every bit of impurity from the rug.
    • Throughout history many societies have built elaborate customs around cultivating bodily purity and avoiding impurity.
    • It corrupts the soul and causes wars and pestilence and… impurity.
    • In the Torah, Tumah is clearly presented as negative, and the absence of impurity is not inherently positive, but neutral.