Translation of in-between in Spanish:


intermedio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnbəˈˌtwin//ɪnbɪˈtwiːn/


  • 1

    (stage/state) intermedio
    • In a quantum system, two opposite magnetic spins can be superposed upon each other, resulting in a third, in-between state.
    • The stories that emerge are the different trains of thought your mind goes through as you're in that slightly in-between state of being awake and trying to get to sleep.
    • I have an odd in-between situation where I work as an AmeriCorps volunteer.
    • During all this while, he continued to hunt and trap in-between jobs.
    • You could see what he meant: Flintoff's chin and cheeks were stuck in that in-between stage that might be a look, but could equally well be neglect.
    • It's this in-between state of being neither child nor adolescent, or trying to be both at the same time.
    • It is this in-between place of carelessness and thoughtlessness that disturbs.
    • I think most of my problem is that I want to skip these in-between chapters and get to the stuff that I'm most looking forward to writing!
    • If I refuse to choose sides, am I just marking time in some make-believe in-between space?
    • This paper argues for the prevalence of in-between states of believing and asserts the need for an account of belief that allows us intelligibly to talk about in-between believing.