Translation of in-joke in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɪn ˌdʒoʊk///


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    it's an in-joke es un chiste entre nosotros/ellos
    • I can share personal memories and in-jokes with him, and compliment him on his fine choice of tattoo.
    • The film is utterly hilarious, filled with loads of sight gags, cheeseball dialogue and numerous in-jokes for horror buffs.
    • I couldn't pronounce or understand half the names (still can't) and in-jokes but they still made me chuckle regardless.
    • I think all of his movies are just giant in-jokes.
    • The knowing humour of Shrek merely pushed the envelope a little further, balancing in-jokes and sly subversion for the adults with broader slapstick moments for the younger viewers.
    • The blog is ample forum for their in-jokes to be imposed upon an unsuspecting public.
    • If you were to go to America you'd hear a lot of in-jokes that wouldn't be funny here.
    • The result was something of a mess: wildly funny in parts, but littered with in-jokes about the Irish arts world and particularly the Cork poetry scene.
    • Filled with in-jokes, pop culture references and witty ideas, Shrek 2 maintains an amazing level of visual and verbal invention.
    • But this is just an excuse for skimpy costumes, frenetic action, pop classics, sparky dialogue and quickfire in-jokes.
    • After that, they all turn into grating in-jokes, funny to the filmmakers, but infuriating to the average moviegoer.
    • Occasionally I misused the column to secretly share an in-joke with a friend, or girlfriend.
    • Or maybe there were just too many movie industry in-jokes that didn't make me laugh like they made the studio executives laugh.
    • The episode is riddled with in-jokes that are meant either for a Japanese audience, or for those who are quite familiar with the country.
    • So, I went through and labeled everything that was obviously an in-joke, pun, repetition of the same person's photo, bunny ears, funny gestures, odd, or the slightest bit out of the ordinary and attempted to explain it.
    • It is also an extremely funny illustration of the national obsession with word-play, in-jokes and notably filthy double entendre.
    • It depends on one-liners and historical in-jokes that take a great deal of energy to follow.
    • If the worst that could happen is the elimination of in-jokes from the magazine, or the occasional staff member feeling a bit silly about having worked for the enemy, then it will be a welcome change.
    • The movie is a veritable mine of in-jokes, strange gags, and funny one-liners.
    • There were in-jokes I was never going to understand.