Translation of in-laws in Spanish:


suegros, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnlɔz//ˈɪnlɔːz/

plural noun


  • 1

    (spouse's parents) suegros masculine
    (spouse's family) parientes políticos masculine
    • Also, the history the blood relatives relate is different from the in-laws, and this makes us suspicious.
    • Well, there's a new manual out there to help moms and dads and in-laws and even spouses.
    • She was lucky, she said, because her parents and in-laws accepted her and kept her health status a secret.
    • Young widows had to suffer for whole life and depend for their existence on the in-laws or own parents.
    • An Indian wife becomes the property of her in-laws and on her husband's death, they decide her fate.
    • The mother realises her folly and wants the in-laws to stay with them forever!
    • Sympathy is also extended to his grandchildren, in-laws and all his extended family land many friends.
    • He is survived by his family, sisters, his in-laws, nephews and other relatives.
    • The last thing the couple's relationship needs is a long weekend with their respective in-laws and siblings.
    • However, she started to look unwell and as people challenged her over this she admitted the truth to her parents and in-laws.
    • In rooms across the hall my parents and my in-laws are no doubt fast asleep, tuckered out from days of good food and fresh air.
    • Deepest sympathy is tendered to his sons, daughters, in-laws and grandchildren on his passing.
    • She bought baby food for her daughter, a lantern to light her hut and clothes for her husband and in-laws.
    • Add in grandkids, in-laws, and cousins, and it must make for a heck of a big family reunion.
    • Paddy is mourned by his sister, cousins, neighbours, in-laws, relatives and friends.
    • These are fathers, sons, brothers, foster-brothers, nephews, and male in-laws.
    • David would not only remember who they were from years before, but the names of their children and in-laws as well.
    • No one understands her views on child rearing except her in-law, the American mother of her daughter's husband.
    • However it failed to reach a decision on what to recommend on marriages involving in-laws.
    • And nannies, in-laws and other parents can support the cause by not breaking the rules.