Translation of in utero in Spanish:

in utero

in utero, adj.

adjective & adverb

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    in utero
    • Manipulating the in utero environment may alter the onset of cancers that appear later in the lives of mammals, according to a new University of Toronto study published in the journal Carcinogenesis.
    • Her first heartbeat, first kick, every in utero move - all broadcast to a network of family and friends.
    • Among children who had at some time in their lives smoked daily for a month or more, those exposed in utero to a mother's pack-a-day smoking had double the odds of progressing to addiction.
    • It appears that in utero exposure to nicotine may help to perpetuate a cycle across generations that links addiction and behavioral problems.
    • The likelihood of the fetus contracting an in utero infection depends on several factors.