Translation of in vacuo in Spanish:

in vacuo

aisladamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ɪn ˈvakjʊəʊ//ˌɪn ˈvækjəˌwoʊ/



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    de modo aislado
    • The mixture is concentrated in vacuo and the residue is purified by flash chromatography if necessary.
    • The energetics of the elementary reactions in vacuo, were calculated, using the Slater type orbital based ADF package.
    • The present invention relates to a furnace for heat treatment in vacuo, with cooling by a gas stream.
    • The distribution of temperature along a thin rod or wire electrically heated in vacuo has been studied both theoretically and experimentally by several authors.
    • Bulk solvent effects with IEF-PCM about the dihydrated systems almost invert the stability order found in vacuo.