Translation of inaccessible in Spanish:


inaccesible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnækˈsɛsəb(ə)l//ɪnəkˈsɛsɪb(ə)l/


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    • The passage cited above articulates that which cannot be articulated, namely Orion's inaccessible language as the spirit of Damballah.
    • We continue to sign collective agreements that are generally written in complex and inaccessible language.
    • How many sales have you missed because the work is inaccessible?
    • Much of our discourse is inaccessible because of elitist language and our focus on print-based media.
    • Much avant-garde music proved too difficult for amateurs and seemed at first inaccessible.
    • Tippett was always proclaimed the more original, and obviously the more intellectual of the two, but so much of his work remained in the intellect, sincere but inaccessible to the layman.
    • Sure Godard's work is inaccessible, but at least he's not trying to force feed emotion to the masses.
    • There is a danger - as some young American web reviewers have pointed out - that, by following the book so closely, the film will make itself inaccessible to those who haven't read it.
    • I told him that I thought his film was fairly inaccessible, difficult to enter.
    • Positivism, by example at least, also molds the position of sharp critics such as deconstructionists, whose inaccessible language is a measure of their distance from the public.
    • But for Woolrich, there is nothing inherent in modernist music that makes it inaccessible or difficult.
    • In addition to being too long and too inclusive, the language of the draft constitution is vague and inaccessible.
    • In much recent art, the object itself is secondary to the dialogue which surrounds it, which makes it inaccessible to those who don't follow theoretical discussions and oddly irrelevant for itself.
    • Must art always be difficult and modern and inaccessible?
    • An urgent bulletin about life on the planet today, Jia's masterpiece received a handful of raves, but was largely dismissed as too difficult and inaccessible by most.
    • Gonzalez and Russom are hardly inaccessible artists.
    • Just as long hair, sandals and creative angst have typified the poet, poetry that is dense and inaccessible is considered weighty.
    • The argument of Docta Ignorantia was that ultimate truth is inaccessible to the human intellect.
    • They seem to fear it; they consistently belittle and mock performance poets, perhaps because much of the poetry written for the page has become quite inaccessible to the ear if not the eye.
    • A lot of jazz is inaccessible until you have listened to and understood its ‘prerequisites.’