Translation of inadequacy in Spanish:


insuficiencia, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈadɪkwəsi//ɪnˈædɪkwəsi/

nounPlural inadequacies

  • 1

    (of resources, measures)
    insuficiencia feminine
    lo inadecuado
    • A further consequence of the strength of conservative morality is the inadequacy of sex education.
    • Even so, Barker sees decided inadequacies in the performance of this crucial figure.
    • The inadequacies of observation in our field are well-known.
    • We introduce this piece by underscoring the inadequacies of the myriad definitions of terrorism.
    • But the greatest single cause of the Voronezh disaster was undoubtedly the inadequacy of Hungarian equipment.
    • This inadequacy in the analysis reflected the inadequacy in the theory.
    • More demanding tasks can soon show the inadequacy of low amounts of RAM.
    • The inadequacy of the insulation may have caused condensation, giving rise to a risk of further outbreaks of dry rot.
    • Government is committed to removing the inadequacies in infrastructure facilities through a mix of policy and fiscal measures.
    • The heuristic inadequacy of contemporary Marxism is contained in these two sentences.
    • Its financial inadequacies are all the more reason for the MIA to add some creative flair to its image.
    • One of the main concerns about the plan centred on the inadequacy of the current sewage system.
    • History has, yet again, proven the inadequacies of this analysis.
    • The Civil War had demonstrated the inadequacy of the old coastal forts.
    • The inadequacy of the material is not in itself a ground for prohibition.
    • Several studies have shown the inadequacy of the 15-minute office visit in providing patients adequate information.
    • The cause of famine, consequently, is not an inadequacy of food.
    • And the inadequacies in the laws themselves are a third impediment to justice.
    • At the same time the inadequacy of all the present radical groupings in the party was cruelly demonstrated.
    • The successfully treated seriously ill are also affected by these service inadequacies.
  • 2

    (of person)
    ineptitud feminine
    incompetencia feminine
    • You were simply stoic in the face of my inadequacy.
    • The manner in which he mishandled the Reid situation was indicative of his inadequacies.
    • The quick impression is of success, the full picture is of unbridled inadequacy.
    • She turned small issues into huge problems, spent hours ruminating about perceived inadequacies, and feared rejection.
    • A gaggle of girls walked past Jay tittering at his inadequacies.
    • There is also an element of loneliness, but again it is not based on deprivation, inadequacy or rejection.
    • Sometimes village idiots get lumped with a role much bigger than them, and try to fulfil it despite their inadequacies.
    • Comparisons with other cultures need no longer engender feelings of inferiority and inadequacy.
    • If it has a blemish or two - as in the contrived end - the director should be excused for very human inadequacies.
    • Many, even most, students hold personal fears of inadequacy that undermine their ability to move forward.
    • Distorted, slurred vocals suggest greatness without having any inadequacies exposed.
    • We must not look to blaming the referee to cover up our own inadequacies, but he had a poor game.
    • Actively dispute with yourself internal messages of inadequacy.
    • It is the locus of our inadequacy; it expresses the void that it appears to fill.
    • When we are confronted with massive natural disasters, our own feelings of inadequacy are almost inevitable.
    • Any thoughtful president must surely have infinitely greater moments of inwardly perceived inadequacy.
    • Scott is excellent as a victim of inadequacy, who is easily persuaded to suspend his morals.
    • Was it possible this bold, confident man felt some inadequacy about his background?
    • Like an avenging angel, the stranger forces the menfolk to confront their own inadequacies.
    • We can never be perfect, so we often have a sense of failure or inadequacy no matter how well we perform.
  • 3

    deficiencia feminine