Translation of inane in Spanish:


estúpido, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈneɪn//ɪˈneɪn/


  • 1

    (person/suggestion) estúpido
    (person/suggestion) idiota
    (suggestion/person) inane formal
    an inane laugh una risa de estúpido / de idiota
    • That hasn't prevented him becoming the object of ridicule among his peers or the victim of inane questioning about his lifestyle.
    • I especially don't want to be welcomed and have to respond to friendly questions with a thin, watery smile and inane small talk.
    • Brooke glanced back out the window, away from this boy and his inane and pointless questions.
    • And then imagine some inane TV presenter springs out on you and says that it was all a big practical joke.
    • Yet in my winding down from work I feel compelled to continue filling the awkward silence with inane conversation.
    • I am very disappointed that the Minister of Finance interrupts with such a silly, inane comment.
    • It is Charles's job to appear in front of the cameras, grin and bear it and answer sometimes unbearably inane questions with whatever panache he can muster.
    • He kept coming out with moronic and inane comments.
    • Californian hippies in suits intone the inane and never-challenged mantra that information wants to be free.
    • Once again, my inane rambling doesn't have an answer at the end of it.
    • How foolish and childish and inane to think, and pray and hope, that all would justly right itself.
    • This is the point when both sides are convinced that the other one is completely inane and ridiculously intractable.
    • He is over fond of parenthesis and inane wisecracks.
    • Nothing before or since has been quite as bad, quite so pointless or inane.
    • Then it's back to earth for an inane, no-brain, audience-participation pub quiz.
    • After about an hour full of restless moments and inane thoughts, finally it was 2 p.m.
    • He's proud of his profession and hasn't got much time for poorly prepared reporters who ask inane questions.
    • But we are digressing from a totally pointless and inane post here.
    • The rest of the album is equally mind-churningly inane.
    • My clock beeps because I don't like waking up to loud music, or some inane DJ telling me what a wonderful day it is.