Translation of inappropriate in Spanish:


inadecuado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnəˈproʊpriət//ɪnəˈprəʊprɪət/


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    (measure/dress/action) inadecuado
    (measure/dress/action) poco apropiado
    (moment) inoportuno
    it would be inappropriate for you to suggest it no estaría bien que tú lo sugirieras
    • a totally inappropriate reply una respuesta totalmente fuera de lugar
    • What may be a proper decision today, could be regarded as inappropriate some years from now.
    • For them to even be having a platonic relationship is highly inappropriate and we are very concerned.
    • It would be inappropriate if there was a group called by that name now, but words change their meaning.
    • Residents believe some of the sites identified are inappropriate for housing.
    • His use of the definite article in his sub-title is, one would argue, inappropriate.
    • A proper tracker for the biotechnology sector would not be inappropriate either.
    • As for the park becoming a site for a school, it is absolutely inappropriate.
    • Perhaps the aim itself was improper, inappropriate alike for artists and for human beings.
    • Moreover, the ubiquity of email can lead to its use in inappropriate circumstances.
    • Congestion charging would generally be inappropriate, but could be a last resort.
    • We're still old fashioned enough to think salad inappropriate for rainy, chilly days.
    • There are many sorts of inappropriate behaviour from which our children need protection.
    • They have experimented and pushed their own boundaries without being inappropriate.
    • For some reason running through a shop seems to be inappropriate behaviour.
    • It is green belt land and so housing development is considered inappropriate.
    • He said that whether or not they were inappropriate was a matter of taste.
    • Was it inappropriate to expect a small gift to show how much he missed me?
    • It would clearly be inappropriate to deprive either party of a proper analysis of his case.
    • In a report to the planning committee, officers say other sites in the city are inappropriate.
    • They said they believed it to be an inappropriate location for such a club.