Translation of inboard in Spanish:


dentro de borda, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnbɔːd//ˈɪnbɔrd/


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    dentro de borda


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    a bordo


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    motor interior masculine
    • Meanwhile, the state of California, through its powerful Air Resources Board, is moving toward requiring catalytic converters on marine sterndrives and inboards, ahead of the EPA.
    • The four-stroke cylinders do not have this oil coating and will rust when not run for long periods, just like four-stroke inboards do.
    • The engine is a Chrysler 318 V - 8 inboard with a straight shaft.
    • Today, multilevel, multi-year limited warranties are standard on almost all outboard engines and a growing number of inboards, according to a survey by BoatU.S. (See charts at right.)
    • The inboards also make a small difference, but they may be too expensive to be worth it, and may not even be available.
    • A variety of twin-engine options were offered on the Coastal 2800 over the nine years of production, including factory installed, 225-hp OMC Sea Drives and a variety of gasoline inboards, from 220 to 270 hp.
    • In the marina I can see two gleaming Sabrecraft, a 37-footer named Little Frégate and the slightly larger Frigate Bird, both with twin 350 hp inboards.
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    barco con motor dentro de borda masculine
    • The Blue Fin is still in rotation, but a 405-horsepower inboard with a speedometer and a sound system is the family boat of choice.
    • Some 56% of the boats used most often had propeller propulsion and of those boats with motors, nearly 60% were outboards and 26.7% were inboards.
    • The IPS props - which are smaller than a standard prop configuration - are also in perfect horizontal alignment with the boat's bottom, unlike inboards whose typical seven-degree down angle wastes energy.