Translation of inbox in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɪnbɑks//ˈɪnbɒks/


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    bandeja de entrada feminine
    • Gain control over the ever-increasing flood of time-wasting e-mail appearing in your in-box.
    • Anti-spam filtering outfit Brightmail has released a list of the ten most common spam messages assaulting users' in-boxes this year.
    • Ever since these spam messages started flowing into in-boxes, people have wondered if it was just a joke, a bizarre scam to harvest more email addresses, or just someone who was mentally disturbed.
    • Many of us remember the trippy, innocent elation inspired by our earliest Google searches or our first encounters with an in-box full of e-mail on a Monday morning.
    • You all have truly made opening my in-box fun, and intellectually challenging - and utterly daunting.
    • This, along with scanning for viruses on the Net before they reach users' in-boxes, seems to represent the best way forward.
    • So yesterday morning, when News Alerts deposited into my in-box a half-dozen links to news stories mentioning me, I swiftly clicked through the assortment.
    • I have just checked the email in-box into which my messages from the various education forums arrive. I used to be able to keep up with them.
    • If the signature is valid, the e-mail is placed into the in-box, otherwise the e-mail is deleted, or sent back with a message indicating why.
    • Critics are using a rather more brutal term: ‘bluespamming’, as in the unsolicited ‘spam’ that clutters our e-mail in-boxes.
    • In your in-box, move any e-mail you have received from your group into the folder.
    • Nothing makes me angrier than opening my email in-box to find over 150 messages, wading through them all, and discovering that 135 of the messages rate as nothing more than junk.
    • Just subscribe to receive each installment in your email in-box every week.
    • Also, users should still be wary of suspicious - looking emails in their in-boxes.
    • And the economics of spam are only getting worse for those fighting a tide of rising junk mail that threatens to swamp users' in-boxes.
    • I'll try and catch up on e-mails and in-boxes and such and write a helpful and useful blog entry over the weekend.
    • These services have their negatives, such as ads that continuously appear on screen or pop into your e-mail in-box.
    • With so much spam clogging my email in-box, I couldn't survive any more without this program!
    • If enough of us clog his in-box maybe he'll take time to read it.
    • The unified messaging server gives the user a single in-box for e-mail, voice mail and fax transmissions.