Translation of inception in Spanish:


inicio, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsɛpʃ(ə)n//ɪnˈsɛpʃ(ə)n/



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    inicio masculine
    comienzo masculine
    • The investment would be in two European options with the same inception and maturity dates.
    • As is noted, this is the first report to be produced after the inception of the scheme.
    • Photography and fakery have gone hand in hand since the inception of the medium.
    • Since the inception of the mandate, freedom of religious worship has been protected by law.
    • Ever since the inception of this great competition Munster have come into their own.
    • This will be the highest level at which Ilkley have competed in league rugby since the inception of league rugby many years ago.
    • Government from the very inception was reluctant to define and characterise the problem.
    • Next Friday sees the first anniversary of the inception of this desultory philippic.
    • Most obviously Picasso at the inception of Cubism and either late Malevitch or Picabia.
    • This event was a huge success and has grown enormously since its inception 12 years ago.
    • At the inception of the welfare state, people were prepared to believe that the government would look after them in old age.
    • From inception, technology and technological change have been central to radio and television.
    • The Board since its inception has taken up every issue that confronts the community.
    • Muslim influx and influence in India started almost at the inception of the religion.
    • Some of those involved at the inception of the lottery admit mistakes have been made.
    • I did not accede to that application at the inception of the hearing or when I reconsidered it later.
    • With respect to the inception of the right to life, this is generally taken as being the time of birth.
    • Twenty two others have tried going back to the inception of the tournament a decade ago and all have failed.
    • Since inception, the people in the group have taken their task most seriously.
    • Sometimes the comparison will reveal a loss from the inception of the loan transaction.