Translation of incest in Spanish:


incesto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnˌsɛst//ˈɪnsɛst/


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    incesto masculine
    • There are also scenes of fighting, murder, incest, oral sex and cross-dressing.
    • We respond to Oedipus' plight, which includes his own feelings of repulsion about incest, an evaluation which we may share.
    • These are prescribed in cases of rape or incest as well as contraceptive failure.
    • Knowing incest is an ‘unclean’ act heightens the awareness of the taboo she is violating.
    • Now, emperor is a royal title, bringing to mind divine bloodlines, elaborate coronations and incest.
    • The novel breaks down the taboos and barriers against openly discussing incest and sexual abuse.
    • They deal with infidelity, infertility and incest, as well as sacrifice and death.
    • Many girls and boys become involved in the sex trade because of family abuse - violence and incest at home drive them out onto the street.
    • That means that we are a bit of a village here in New Zealand, because of our population base, so the chances of accidental incest are increased.
    • In fact, historical accounts of that culture and time would suggest that, in those overcrowded conditions, incest was extremely common.
    • All this raises the additional question of incest.
    • There would, of course, be none of the health concerns normally related to incest.
    • We also show incest avoidance between closely related kin, as well as the influence of other factors on paternity in males.
    • Does it rest on the same fascination with incest and necrophilia as the original?
    • We find that the sexual aspect of incest does not seem to be what attracts him to the act.
    • The incest taboo means the absolute prohibition upon sexual relations between people related by blood.
    • The theme of incest and sexual abuse is, unfortunately, a common one throughout the book.
    • At times they verge on the gothic, with subjects including paedophilia, murder, incest and violence to name but a few sins.
    • It's not a book about incest - it's about something that is less than love.
    • None of the postwar psychoanalysts stated why they chose to investigate father-daughter incest.