Translation of incidental in Spanish:


secundario, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnsɪˈdɛnt(ə)l//ˌɪnsəˈdɛn(t)l/


  • 1

    (effect/consequence) secundario
    (advantage/benefit) adicional
    (expenses) imprevisto
    incidental to sth
    • these duties are incidental to the job son responsabilidades que conlleva el trabajo
    • the dangers incidental to the plan los riesgos que conlleva / acarrea el plan
    • That space came along as a necessary but incidental accompaniment of the two arches.
    • There was no fireman's rule in English law requiring firemen to accept the ordinary risks incidental to fighting a fire, having claims only in respect of unusual or extraordinary risks.
    • Usually it's the ‘living expenses’ and other incidental costs that throw budgets out of whack.
    • Each attack's accompanied by great incidental animations, ranging from acrobatic swordfights to the crackle and flare of Force Lightning tearing into the enemy.
    • Achieving this designation in public policy requires identifying opportunities both as a specific agenda and as incidental to other APA activities.
    • Such background details were not incidental, but necessary and defining parts of so deeply felt an experience.
    • For instance, a charity has to refrain from political advocacy, unless such lobbying activity is merely incidental to the charitable purpose.
    • As in his biography of Macarthur, the Aborigines are incidental, minor problems for his hero to overcome.
    • The latter has pages of editorial to play out fantasies and impart visual narratives, and the clothes are incidental; they just happen to be what the models were wearing at the time.
    • The background is no incidental backcloth for the staging of the figure's magnificence.
    • For most the countryside is simply background, incidental.
    • But while reducing accrued liability makes the balance sheet look better, there's no effect on expenses beyond the incidental savings of closing the office.
    • The Matriarch of the family gives him some money for books and incidental expenses.
    • Thus, for example, activities initially incidental to the main of an area of land may grow in scale to a point where they convert the single use to a composite use and produce a material change of use of the whole.
    • The figures under the heading IEP relate to constituency office IT costs, stationery and incidental expenses.
    • The team will pay for their own accommodation and it is hoped a sponsor will come forward to cover incidental expenses so all the money raised can go directly to Rosemere.
    • Yes, like I said we still don't have the money to cover even the incidental expenses, so I'm spending out of my pocket.
    • Criticism of the footnote is not a quibble about a minor incidental proposition.
    • A hundred dollars left at the desk to cover any incidental expenses I might incur in a day didn't get me effective use of the phone in my room or access to the mini-bar.
    • We know something of Casaubon's background from incidental remarks.
    • The scholarship will cover the full tuition and accommodation fees involved but will not cover travel to the Colaiste or other incidental expenses.
    • Book sales as such became an incidental, minor percentage of daily turnover in this and other bookshops.
    • We manage 90 seconds of incidental chitchat before conversation dries up.
    • Most cakes were eaten as incidental items to accompany a glass of sweet wine (the origin of the Madeira cake) or a dish of tea.
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    de menor importancia
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    • The aim is to reduce the incidental catch of gamefish like marlin while allowing stocks of swordfish, oceanic sharks and tuna to replenish themselves.
    • Precision comes from being able to strike the desired target while avoiding incidental casualties or unwanted damage.
    • When the wasp attacks the larval butterfly, it drives the ants to attack each other, turning them into incidental casualties.
    • They are not meat eaters, and any insects they swallow are accidental or incidental.
    • The small and incidental commercial catch is marketed as ‘perch’.