Translation of include in Spanish:


incluir, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈkluːd//ɪnˈklud/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (contain as part)
    her duties include looking after the animals sus obligaciones incluyen el cuidar de los animales
    • does the rent include heating costs? ¿el alquiler incluye / en el alquiler están incluidos los gastos de calefacción?
    • Food, drinks and a cabaret, usually involving belly dancers, are included in the price.
    • It includes articles researched and presented with the vigour of the good scholar.
    • Price includes a four course lunch, a ticket for the match and a match programme.
    • Food is included in the entry price so it's a bit of a bargain.
    • The party includes a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, drinks and music.
    • The top price includes a table-side seat and meeting the players during the refreshment interval.
    • With dinner and breakfast included, this price actually works out cheaper than having to eat out twice a day.
    • This price includes hotel accommodation and flights direct from Glasgow to Hong Kong, via Dubai.
    • The few articles of furniture included a narrow bed, a chair, and a desk in one corner.
    • The admission price includes free entry to the door prize, which will be raffled that day.
    • All this was included in the holiday price, so that was great.
    • The price also includes a private driver and a local guide at sites of interest.
    • On our honeymoon Shara was only allowed breakfast and dinner because lunch was not included in the price.
    • The fries were quite good, and they are included in the price of the dinner.
    • The price also includes return coach travel, return Channel crossings and a visit to Bruges.
    • All seemed to be reasonably priced and included tea or coffee.
    • I note with satisfaction that I am not asked to pay airport tax - it seems to be included in the tour price.
    • The article also includes a section on use of cadavers in other research.
    • These prices are per room per night and include dinner and breakfast for two people.
    • Price also includes breakfast, afternoon tea and a combination of four evening meals and two lunches.
  • 2

    (put in)
    (with letter) adjuntar
    (with letter) incluir
    did you include Michael on your list? ¿incluiste a Michael en tu lista?
    • I'll include a note with your letter adjuntaré / incluiré una nota con tu carta
    • if she's included, you can count me out si ella va, conmigo no cuentes
    • we're all included in the invitation estamos todos invitados
    • I am under a closed and private adoption agreement, with a hint of black market included.
    • The Supreme Court filings included only a hint of the nastiness and sleaze from the family fight.
    • My friend Lawrence's pictures of Ivan were almost included in The Guardian article, but were pulled at the last minute.
    • The Prime Minister hinted yesterday that legislation on airguns may be included in the Queen's Speech.
    • The FBI's documents included no hint as to how someone mistakenly put on can get himself removed.
  • 3

    (count in)
    service isn't included el servicio no está incluido
    • I want everyone to help, you included quiero que me ayuden todos, usted incluido / incluso usted
    • there were six, if you include the baby eran seis, contando al bebé
    • All these insecurities and reactions I had - rational or not - would not have happened if he had have included me in his fantasy.
    • Part of that context is the community that we come from, and this community includes you.
    • He was running around saying to people, look, the system is corrupt, you're not included.
    • I also seem to recall that Clarke said this encounter included him and other unnamed persons.
    • He will be in the squad and the likelihood is we will include him on the bench.
    • He is included by name regardless of whether or not he has children.
    • I worry that she may be including me in more of her life than is healthy for someone who is just a friend.
    • The dispatcher told me that mandatory evacuations were being ordered for a certain area and we were not included.
    • In fact, in my college years, they switched tactics and included me in vacations to Vegas and Nashville.
    • They talked the whole time at dinner and never once included Haylee in their discussions.
    • I was really touched that he included me on this list.
    • There might be a cousin visiting and you have to decide whether you include him in the sample.
    • Sonia reportedly informed him that the appointment included him, too.
    • He has a group of MPs around him but it is a small one and it doesn't include anyone particularly senior.
    • Don't you have to have some kind of threshold before you're included in a nationally televised debate?
    • It's so wonderful that you included me in your quest to inform!
    • Her neighbours, who were mostly her own relatives, were not obstructive to her but never included her in their circle.
    • Later he ticked me off for not including him in on emails to the client.
    • Miss Howie said it was eight months before some officers would include her when they made cups of tea.
    • More often, though, I hear plans being made around me and I'm not included.